Analyzing the Number of Casino Players and Their Favorite Games

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Online casinos are one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Millions of people visit casino sites every day to play their favorite games, regardless of whether they are playing for real or virtual money. Some people limit themselves to one thing, while for others, online casinos become a real hobby and even a way to make money. 

How many people play at online casinos all the time or occasionally, satisfying the need for adrenaline and a sense of play? To voice a specific figure is simply impossible because the lists of virtual casinos are truly huge and each of them has their loyal visitors. Instead, here are some interesting statistics pertaining to the largest gambling markets:

Analyzing the Number of Casino Players and Their Favorite Games

  • In Canada, the number of active online gamblers exceeds 19.3 million individuals. Approximately 43% of women and 56% of men have reported engaging in online gambling activities. The online gambling industry in Canada generated a revenue of $1.2 billion in 2021.
  • 80% of the US population has gambled at some point in their lives if we count bingo and the lottery.
  • About 42% of UK residents (over 16 years old) gambled in the last four weeks.
  • Excluding lotteries, the 25- to 38-year-old age group plays casino games.
  • About 1.6 billion people gamble during the year.
  • 2 billion people on the planet have gambled at some point.

What games do people play the most?

Today, online casinos offer a wide range of games, including the most popular and favorite Microgaming casino slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and other games that are usually found in traditional casinos. The games are usually designed using software that ensures that the results are random and fair. Online casinos also have many unique offerings that allow the player to better prepare for the game, have more fun, and lose less often.

About 22% of the world’s population regularly gambles, and that number seems to be growing, especially thanks to online gambling. But what do they bet on the most?

Those who bet on sports, usually as well buy lottery tickets because they are good at guessing. In fact, sports betting including a popular horse racing betting has been the main choice for almost 15 years, according to the latest data.

  1. As for casinos, slot machines are the most famous casino game in almost every country in the world.
  2. In the UK, bingo is still the preferred choice when it comes to casinos.
  3. Poker is much more popular in Australia compared to other countries.
  4. Blackjack comes right after slot machines and poker for casino players in Canada.

Who is more likely to gamble and win: men or women?

According to surveys, a third of males have gambled online in the last year, compared to a quarter of females. The difference in the number of gamblers by gender has already been minimized to almost nothing. Men have always been considered better gamblers than women. This applies most of all to sports betting. Last year, 67% of men surveyed said that placing bets on sports was their favorite type of gambling. Of the female gender, only 25% responded this way.

Age of gamblers and their bets

Despite the increase in the female audience for online gambling, there are certain differences in the ages of customers. According to the results of the study, among hundreds of casino sites in the last 2 years, the average age of men visitors was about 30 to 32 years old. And the age of the women is 28.

Also, men spend more money on gambling. Both genders have a common interest: roulette. Card games are used predominantly by the male audience. Of the preferences of women, bingo turned out to be the favorite game, and most bingo sites choose women as their target audience. The study also showed an interesting fact: women play longer than men—21 months in a lifetime compared to 14 months for men—but men spend twice as much time gambling for money.

Analyzing the Number of Casino Players and Their Favorite Games

Favorite games of gamblers


According to Golden Tiger casino review, slot machines are among the most popular games, which is not surprising. This is due to a number of factors. The only decision-making in the game is whatever slot you want to play; no expertise is required. The theme, RTP, volatility, and prize amount influence the decisions made by players. The winnings from slots can be significant, especially if you strike the jackpot. Slot machines are very alluring, enjoyable, and frequently thrilling.

The audience under 39 years old is more in favor of modern slots. The games they open most often are Sweet Bonanza, Gates of Olympus, The Dog House Megaways, and Big Bamboo. Players over 40 like old and proven machines but are sometimes interested in brand-new games. Most often, they choose Dead or Alive, Book of Dead, Money Train 2, and San Quentin.

It is interesting to identify and provide statistics on the providers preferred by gamblers:

  • audience under 27 years old: Push Gaming, Pragmatic Play;
  • audience of 28–39 years old: Yggdrasil, Pragmatic Play, NetEnt;
  • 40+ audience: Microgaming, Endorphina, Play’N Go.


Blackjack is the second-most-played casino game behind slots. It is clear why this is the case. Numerous blackjack players don’t always classify the game as gambling. It is a game that can be won and has stood the test of time. Because there are only so many cards in the deck, your odds can be improved by playing strategically. And even if the house constantly takes the initiative, you can start winning more frequently. It’s still challenging to succeed in any blackjack variation. If you wish to win, you must be aware of how many cards are still in the deck, and the casino must offer a 2/1 blackjack payoff.


Another game where you theoretically could potentially earn money is roulette. The only exceptions to this rule are if you are extremely unlucky or lack the funds for a standard roulette strategy. The key concept is that you always double your bet to make up for your losses. In other words, there isn’t any fun gaming or difficult reasoning required. Because of its ease of use and fantastic odds, players adore this game. One of the rare games where your odds of winning are roughly 50% is this one.


Video poker is frequently available in online casinos, but this isn’t why it’s so popular in countries all over the world. Real poker and poker tournaments are quite popular among gamblers. Since it requires skill, many online and land-based casinos offer poker rooms and even tournaments. Many people are particularly good at it because there are usually substantial prizes waiting for the winners.