Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2

Discover the art of tactical advantage in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with our guide to the best smoke spots Dust 2 offers.

CS:GO is a game that thrives on strategy and precision, and mastering the best smoke spots Dust 2 offers can give you a significant edge over your opponents. This guide will take you through some of the top locations for tactical smoke grenades on this iconic map, from obscure corners to wide-open spaces.

Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2

Why Smoke Spots Matter in Dust 2

Smoke spots in CS:GO are strategic locations where players can use smoke grenades to obscure vision, create diversions, or shield their team from enemy fire. Dust 2, with its labyrinthine layout and numerous choke points, offers countless opportunities for tactical smoke placement.

Preparation: Setting Up for PracticeSetting Up for Practice

Before diving into the best smoke spots Dust 2 offers, preparing for practice is crucial. Use the console commands “sv_showimpacts” to show where your grenades land and “sv_infinite_ammo” for unlimited grenade usage.

Commands like “mp_roundtime,” “mp_buytime,” “mp_buy_anywhere,” “ammo_grenade_limit_total,” and “sv_grenade_trajectory” can be saved in a practice.cfg file and run each time you practice.

Smoke Spots: A Comprehensive Guide

Let’s dive into the heart of the matter: the best smoke spots on Dust 2.

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1. Mid XboxMid Xbox

Mid Xbox is a high-traffic area; well-placed smoke can distinguish between a successful push and a quick death. To smoke off Xbox, position yourself at T-Spawn, line up with the barrel, and aim just below the wire.

2. CT MidCT Mid

CT Mid is a critical vantage point for CTs. Smoking off this area can provide cover for a Mid to B strategy. Stand against the wall near the T spawn, aim at the middle of the two palm trees, and throw.

3. A SiteA Site

A Site is a popular bomb plant area. Smoking off A site can provide crucial cover when planting the bomb. Stand on the A Long platform, aim at the corner of the building, and throw.

4. B SiteB Site

B Site, like A Site, is a key bomb plant location. Smoke placed here can block off vision from the door or window. Stand near the B Tunnels, aim at the upper corner of the window, and throw.

5. Short AShort A

Short A offers a direct route to A Site. A well-placed smoke can block off vision from A Site, allowing your team to move up Short A. Stand in the corner of Xbox, aim at the antenna on the building, and throw.

6. CT SpawnCT Spawn

CT Spawn is a high-traffic rotation point. A good smoke here can block off CT rotations from B to A.

Smoke Spots at Mid

Mid-control is essential in any round on Dust 2, whether you’re playing as a Terrorist (T) or Counter-Terrorist (CT). To take control, one of the most effective strategies is smoking off areas to block enemy vision. The following are some of the most effective mid-smoke spots:

1. Mid to B SmokeMid to B Smoke

This smoke is beneficial for T-side when attempting a mid-to-B strategy. It blocks off CTs positioned at B doors, allowing you to get into B site safely.

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2. Xbox SmokeXbox Smoke

The Xbox smoke is another critical smoke when playing on the T-side. It allows you to safely cross to short without being spotted by CTs playing mid.

3. CT Mid SmokeCT Mid

As a T, smoking CT Mid can allow for a safer crossing to the B site or deny information from the CTs.

Smoke Spots at A Site

Executing onto A site requires a set of smokes to block off key areas and force CTs into unfavorable positions. Here are some essential mists for A location:

4. CT Spawn Smoke from LongCT Spawn Smoke from Long

This smoke allows Ts to cross onto A site without being picked off from CTs playing from CT spawn.

5. Short A SmokeShort A

Smoking off Short A can give you control of the A site without worrying about enemies peeking from Short.

Smoke Spots at B Site

Executing onto the B site can be tricky due to the narrow entrances. However, well-placed smokes can make the task much more accessible.

6. B Doors SmokeB Doors Smoke

As a T, smoking off B doors can provide a safer entrance onto the site.

7. B Window SmokeB Window Smoke

To further secure B site, you can smoke off the Window from the Tunnels.

8. Mid to B CT SmokeCT Mid Smoke

This smoke is beneficial when executing a Mid to B strategy, blocking off any CTs playing from CT spawn.

Retake Smokes

Smokes are not only helpful in attacking sites but also for retaking them as a CT.

9. Short A Retake SmokeShort A Retake Smoke

This smoke helps retake A site from CTs positioned in Short.

10. B Doors Retake SmokeB Doors Retake Smoke

If you’re retaking the B site, this smoke can be helpful to block off any Ts holding from B doors.

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Learning these smokes can significantly increase your success when playing Dust 2. It is crucial to practice them in a private server before attempting them in an actual match. With time, you’ll be able to execute these smokes quickly and effectively, giving you and your team an advantage in attacking and defending sites.

Remember, communication with your team is critical when executing these smokes. Ensure everyone knows the game plan so you can manage your strategies seamlessly.

FAQs about Best Smoke Spots Dust 2

1. How many smoke spots are there on Dust 2?

There are numerous smoke spots on Dust 2; however, this guide covers the top 10 most effective ones. Mastering these can significantly improve your gameplay.

2. How can I practice these smokes on Dust 2?

The best way to practice these smokes is in a private server using console commands like sv_cheats 1 and sv_infinite_ammo 1. You can use the command “mp_roundtime_defuse 60” to extend the round time and have more time to practice.

3. What is the importance of smokes in Dust 2?

Smokes can be game-changing in CS:GO. They can cut off vision, create space, fake strategies, etc. Knowing the best smoke spots can give you a significant advantage over opponents.

4. Can I use these smokes in competitive games?

Absolutely! These smokes are designed for competitive play. However, practicing them before attempting them in an actual match is essential.

5. What are some tips for throwing smokes in CS:GO?

Some tips for throwing smokes include lining up your crosshair with specific points in the environment, using the right mouse button to throw underhand, and practicing the timing of your throws.