Dragon Quest RPG for iOS and Android Due January 18th

The new Dragon Quest RPG for iOS and Android is due January 18, 2023. The launch will be a significant event for smartphone gaming.

On January 18 at 7 pm JST, Square Enix will share news regarding a new Dragon Quest game for iOS and Android. The announcement event will be live-streamed on YouTube.

At the announcement event, viewers will get an overview of the game, live gameplay, and more. Additionally, the social media teaser shows that it’s an RPG. Fans can keep up to date via the official game Twitter account.

DragonQuest is a fantasy RPG that SP first released. It was among the pioneers of using a skill system, allowing for greater customization of characters, unlike Dungeons & Dragons and other early role-playing games, which had restrictions on character classes.

Dragon Quest RPG for iOS and Android

In contrast to D&D, character generation requires more effort, with the player rolling a ten-sided die to ascertain their character’s race, handedness, and the number of points that go into six main areas (Strength, Agility, Manual Dexterity, Magical Aptitude, Endurance, and Willpower), illuminating the pros and cons of each character. Having control over these attributes provides greater flexibility when forming a personality.

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For instance, players looking for a powerful magical user can redirect points into Magical Aptitude and maybe Willpower. In contrast, those pursuing powerful combatants can assign points to Strength, Agility, and Manual Dexterity. By blending these numbers judiciously, varied mixtures such as fighters/mages, thieves/assassins, or other combinations may be accomplished.

What fans are looking for in the Dragon Quest RPG this time:

Dragon Quest RPG

If the original DRAGON QUEST is now available on mobile devices…

  • Can they uncover the beloved role-playing game that has captivated two generations?
  • Will the world of swords, magic, and monsters be in this all-in-one package for smartphones?
  • If you download it, will any other purchases or downloads be needed?

As Square Enix is not creating an improved version of the original PlayStation 2 version, some fans have created a PS2 Remaster Pack with HD UI while they wait. The game still has a massive following after all these years. And the popularity of a Dragon Quest RPG for iOS and Android will help cement the game’s legacy.