Mordhau Player Count and Statistics 2023 – How Many People Are Playing?

1,586 active players

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Mordhau Player Count and Statistics 2023 - How Many People Are Playing

Mordhau Overview

Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval hack-and-slash video game developed by Triternion. With an emphasis on skill-based competitive play, players can choose to engage in large-scale battles, duels, or even cooperative modes against AI.

Game Developer Triternion
Release Date April 29, 2019
Official Website Official Mordhau Website
Genre First-person medieval combat
Available Platform(s) PC

About Mordhau

Launched in 2019, Mordhau quickly became one of the standout titles for fans of medieval combat. The game offers a unique combat system, emphasizing on precise strikes, parries, and tactical engagements.

Character customization, a variety of weapons, and sprawling battlefields provide players with hours of challenging entertainment.

About Mordhau

Mordhau Monthly Active Player Count

The monthly active player count for Mordhau has seen highs and lows, but the community remains active. Seasonal updates, community-driven events, and tournaments keep the player base engaged and coming back for more.

Mordhau Historical Player Count (Detailed Steam Stats)

Mordhau’s launch on Steam garnered significant attention with tens of thousands playing at its peak. Over the years, player counts have stabilized, reflecting a dedicated core player base.

  • Avg Active players (Last 3 months): 1,637
  • All-time high peak players: 60,264
  • Active Players Trends(last 3 months): Stable

Mordhau Historical Player Count (Detailed Steam Stats)

Mordhau Twitch Stats

The game has a consistent presence on Twitch, with both casual streamers and competitive players showcasing their skills. Peak viewership often coincides with major game updates or community tournaments.

Avg Viewers 21
Avg Channels (last 3 months) 31
Peak Viewers(All time) 546
Peak Channels(All time) 546

Mordhau Key Statistics

  • Over 5 million copies sold since launch.
  • Ranked among the top 100 games on Steam for consecutive months post-launch.
  • Boasts an active modding community with hundreds of user-generated content.
  • Over 100,000 registered players on the official Mordhau forum.
  • On average, players clock in over 20 hours of gameplay.
  • Received multiple game awards and nominations in 2019 and 2020.

Mordhau Key Statistics

Mordhau Revenue

While exact revenue figures are proprietary to Triternion, Mordhau’s strong sales, coupled with cosmetic microtransactions, have made it a financially successful title in the indie game category.

Mordhau Age Distribution

The majority of Mordhau players fall between the ages of 18-35, reflective of the core PC gaming demographic. The game’s mature themes and complex mechanics attract an older audience, while its captivating visuals and gameplay intrigue younger players.

Mordhau Age Distribution

Top Countries Playing Mordhau

The United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, and France lead in terms of active player base, reflecting the game’s global appeal and its popularity in regions with strong PC gaming communities.

Mordhau System Requirements

  • Windows 10
  • 64-bit processor and operating system
  • 8 GB RAM,
  • 30 GB available storage

Mordhau System Requirements


How many active players are in Mordhau?

Approximately 1,637 as of the last three months.

Who is the #1 Mordhau player?

The top player frequently changes due to the competitive nature of the game.

What are the top 3 Mordhau tournaments globally?

The Mordhau World Championship, the European Mordhau League, and the North American Mordhau Tournament are currently the most prestigious.

Is Mordhau declining?

The game has maintained a stable player base over the past few months, showing no signs of significant decline.

Is Mordhau worth it?

If you’re a fan of medieval combat and are looking for a challenging, skill-based game, Mordhau is highly recommended.

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