New Metal Gear Solid Remake Rumors

The latest Metal Gear Solid remake rumors included PS5-only support and no Snake. Let’s take a look at what could be coming.

There are many rumors about new Metal Gear games coming out, but most of them aren’t true. However, one word seems to be true: Konami recently announced they’re working on a remake of Snakes Eater.

According to one insider, this reboot has been in development for quite some time and, like Demon’s Souls, is being entirely rebuilt for the PS5. However, their source claims that the announcement will happen soon, causing the publisher to make a move.

New Metal Gear Solid Remake

They stated that they didn’t want the info sitting around if it was announced at The Games Awards. We can only guess they don’t wish to regret their decision.

While the rumors may well be true, no concrete details are provided. It could just be an unsubstantiated rumor that was overheard.

There have been rumors of a complete remake of the original Metal Gear Solid game for some time, but there hasn’t been any official confirmation. However, remaking old PlayStation 1 and 2 classics has become popular recently, so maybe we’ll see a remake sooner than we think.

Many publishers are now trying to bring these fan-favorite games to a modern audience by remaking them from the ground up. In addition to a massive graphics overhaul, such re-releases can include quality-of-life enhancements, improved voice acting, completely new cutscenes, and more.

It also gives newer players an excellent opportunity to experience classic games with possibly modernized gameplay. Now, a new leak shares more details on the supported platforms of a supposed Metal Gear Solid remake.

Metal Gear Solid Remake

Other Metal Gear Solid Remakes Are Possible

With the help of these newest leaks, we’ve learned that Konami plans to release several Metal Gear Solid games on current consoles and PC. These include Ground Zeroes, Guns Of The Patriots, and an HD Collection.

While we don’t know when any of them will come out yet, they’re probably going to be announced soon. So should we expect a Metal Gear Solid PS5 remake at the 2022 Game Awards?

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