Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus Launch Date: January 5

The Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus launch date is January 5. Let the games begin! See what is in store in the new trailer and notes.

From Jan. 5 through 19, Overwatch 2 players can experience the limited-time Battle for Olympus game mode, which grants seven heroes amazing godlike abilities. Widowmaker can turn enemies to stone and Roadhog can become a giant, rock-throwing cyclops!

Players who get the most eliminations during Battle for Olympus mode will be commemorated with a marble statue in Ilios.

Overwatch 2’s second season of content goes until February and is followed by Lunar New Year 2023 from January 17th to February 6th.

Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus

In the trailer for Overwatch 2’s Battle For Olympus game mode inspired by Greek gods, players may be rewarded with sprays, voice lines, and titles, and possibly we witness unique new powers from characters such as Junker Queen calling lightning with her Rampage Ultimate and Pharah being able to move.

They are seen scattered in Château Guillard there are armor packs created from Torbjörn’s, which are distinct from usual health packs but their purpose remains unknown.

Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus Trailer Sneak Peek

Blizzard has yet to show many details regarding this game mode, but what’s known reveals it will be available in a free-for-all setup. This stands true for the majority of first-person shooters; in a free-for-all match, there are no teams and players must combat solely against each other.

Whoever accomplishes the objective first (a predetermined number of kills/reaching a certain score/controlling an area) wins the competition.

This mythology game will present powerups allowing players to tap into the strength of Greek gods, as shown in the trailer with Junker Queen’s lightning-based ultimate move.

Players may have access to exclusive rewards when the Battle for Olympus starts. Right now, however, Blizzard has yet to give more details about the event. So, gamers should get ready to fight against Greek gods and monsters when the event finally becomes available in-game, and don’t forget to monitor the Overwatch 2 player count as the event unfolds.

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