What Is NFC Used For?

Imagine having the option to pair the latest immersive mobile slots online with speakers or a larger screen by simply putting them close together and turning on the NFC features. You can functionally take the gaming experience to a whole new level of amazement without a complex or expensive integration medium.

The utility of Near Field Communication (NFC) can be used for more than simply online payments. One, for example, is to improve online gaming security measures. In this article, we’ll explore all the additional benefits of this technology for various industries. But first, let’s get a grip on what it exactly is and how it differs from other wireless technology, notably Bluetooth.

What Is NFC and How Does it Differ From Bluetooth?

These three mysterious letters stand for a wireless technology that works through a group of short-range wireless communication protocols that normally require a connection to be established at a distance of 4 cm or less between an NFC tag and an iOS or Android-powered device. It is mostly used for data transmission, contactless payments, and mobile ticketing.

What Is NFC Used For?

NFC and Bluetooth are frequently contrasted since they both use comparable wireless transfer techniques. Their capacity, though, is where they diverge most, which the table below demonstrates.

ParameterNear Field CommunicationBluetooth
Range4 cm to 10 cm5 meters to 30 meters
Data Speed42kbps1mbps
SecurityRadio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips are immune to security threats.PIN-based authentication is more vulnerable to hacking.
Setup ComplexityNo setup neededRequires manual device pairing
Power UsageLessMore


Near Field Communication is frequently used for access control and payments since it works best over short distances to convey small amounts of data securely. Bluetooth, on the other hand, while not as secure, offers a wider connection range and is most frequently used on wireless devices like headphones and audio speakers. It is also used to transfer files like images, videos, audio, and documents. 

How Can NFT Technology Help the Online Casinos Industry?

This technology can improve the online gambling sector in a variety of ways, most notably by giving players an easy and secure means to place bets and conduct transactions.

It is safe to say that online casinos need stronger and more accurate technology for enhancing security, the gaming experience, and the verification of mobile users. NFC is the next best thing. As of 2022, nearly 80% of smartphones include NFC technology, which makes user authentication more and more universal. Below are some of the core advantages that online casinos can leverage using this technology.

  • Enhance Gaming Experience – integrate NFC-compatible smartphones with other experience-enhancing devices, like speaker systems, large screens, and other gaming equipment, without elaborate device setup processes.
  • Security – verification using this technology is the most viable solution for online casinos to secure their users from identity theft risks and keep money launderers away from the system.
  • Age Verification – Online casinos can implement such verification for the seamless onboarding of consumers and prevent minors and teenagers from gambling, which is illegal.
  • Identity Verification – Using this verification, gambling platforms can verify the identities of players accurately and tighten their security against multiple accounts by the same person.
  • Contactless Transaction – this wireless technology can enable contactless payments for online gambling and make deposits and withdrawals quicker than it takes for currency or cards.
  • Customer Retention – Near Field Communication can be used to monitor player behavior and reward them through loyalty schemes and other rewards or incentives, which is a great way to enhance customer retention rates.

The majority of jurisdictions that allow gambling now issue chip-based identity cards that contain all of the consumer’s personal information. NFC-capable phones can also be used to extract data from the identity document. By doing this, the risk of financial crimes will decrease because only users with real identities will be added.

Instantly Share Wi-Fi Network Using NFC Tag Without Sharing Password

There are so many instances when entering a WiFi password incorrectly has disrupted crucial work. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just connect to Wi-Fi with a single tap? Especially for public Wi-Fi networks that require a password.

The answer is always a big yes. Both Android and iOS support the feature where Wi-Fi owners can write the password to an NFC tag and allow users access with a single tap.

What Is NFC Used For?

Implement Home Automation & Using Your Phone

Numerous daily actions can now be automated on Android and iOS, including automatic phone calls, voice automation, lighting and temperature control, and more. NFC shortcuts excel in terms of use and adaptability in comparison to Android and iOS automation capabilities. You may trigger a unique NFC task and carry it out using a few pieces of software, a few NFC tags, automation gear like WeMo, or a set of DIMPLE Smart Buttons.

How NFC Can Help the Travel and Tourism Industry

Several domains within the tourism industry are rapidly rolling out contactless ticketing solutions and apps based on this technology. Below are some of the applications where the technology has solid utility:

  • Hotels, resorts, and popular tourist destinations across the world have endorsed this wireless technology for contactless payment and keyless check-in processes;
  • The wireless mode of the transaction can improve security as well as allow for a personalized experience;
  • Near Field Communication technology can be used to provide location-based services to tourists, such as personalized recommendations for nearby restaurants, shops, and attractions;
  • Visitors can make the most of their trip and increase their satisfaction with the overall experience.

When it comes to saving time and effort for tourists who want information, location-specific services, the ability to read and submit reviews, find the biggest discounts, and so much more, NFC-powered mobile apps can do their best. It enhances communication, makes it simple to locate transaction records and keep track of budgets, helps keep travel spending under control, and directs the best interests.