7 Most Awaited Games Of 2024

2023 was a tremendous year for the gaming world as it witnessed the launch of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in May 2023 which was topped by other masterpieces like Final Fantasy 16, Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 1, etc.

The 2024 calendar is also continuing to show up with superior titles. There are some top games that have set the launch date with others looking to fix one. Gamers are waiting for their favorite title to launch this year. There are several games like Avowed, Dragon’s Dogma II, etc that are expected to launch this year. 

In this article,  we will go through the top-awaited games that are set or expected to launch in 2024 for gamers to enjoy. So, without any further ado, let us dive into the details.

Top 7 Awaited Games In 2024

Have a look at some of the top games that fans are waiting eagerly to launch in 2024 in this section.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

7 Most Awaited Games Of 2024

With the first game of the FF7 remake project focusing on the events in Midgar, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will reimagine the world of Gaia. Gamers will experience several elements of the original game that are rewritten with modern technology and come with added depth.

The game will offer an open-ended environment that is different from Midgar and slight improvements in the combat zone than the first remake. The game is set to release on 29 February 2024. The gamers can enjoy the game on the PS5.

Dragon’s Dogma 2

7 Most Awaited Games Of 2024

After a long span of 10 years, Dragon’s Dogma is all set to launch its sequel on 22 March 2024. The first game, Dragon’s Dogma was released in the year 2012. The sequel, Dragon’s Dogma 2, will feature the same stuff as the original action-adventure game where players have to climb on the backs of the monsters to fight with the squad of Soldiers controlled by powerful AI.

Besides this, players will be able to create and customize characters in Dogma’s Dragon 2 while enjoying fresh gameplay scenarios, new locations, and several other things. Players can enjoy the game on PC, Xbox Series X or S and PS5.

The Goonies Return

7 Most Awaited Games Of 2024

If you love to play slots, then you have to try one of the top-awaited slot games in the online gaming world. Developed by Blueprint Gaming, the Goonies Return comes with a medium to high volatility rate with an RTP of 96.0%. There are 20 paylines in the Goonies slot game where players can place a minimum bet of 0.10 and a maximum bet of 100.

Moreover, a player can win up to 50,000 times the value of a bet in size or 250,000£, whichever is achieved first. The graphics quality is top-notch and all the popular characters from the storyline have crips and realistic looks. There are several modifiers and features waiting for the players to enjoy while playing this online slot game.


7 Most Awaited Games Of 2024

The creator of some of the outstanding games like The Outer Worlds and Fallout: New Vegas, Obsidian Entertainment is all set to release another RPG. The new game will come with the title of Avowed which is a high fantasy first-person game.

The game will fall in the domain of action-adventure, where you will be able to wield guns, wands, swords, etc., to fight several creatures while you progress further into the game. You can play the game on Windows, PS5, or Xbox Series X/S. The launch date of the game is not decided right now but it is expected to be launched by the company in the fall this year. 

Life By You

7 Most Awaited Games Of 2024

Welcome to the world of life simulation, where you end in an open world taking control of the lives of the humans, towns, and stories that you will create. From career choices to relationships, players make decisions that shape their character’s journey and determine their success and happiness.

With customizable avatars and dynamic storylines, Life By You offers a rich gaming experience that mirrors the complexities and joys of real life. Players can explore diverse career paths, build meaningful relationships, and pursue personal goals, all while experiencing the consequences of their choices. 

Besides all this, you can access mods by opting for early access. The game is planned to be released on 4 June 2024. You can join the wishlist on Steam for more information on its early access.

Princess Peach Showtime

7 Most Awaited Games Of 2024

Well, the fans of Mario World are eagerly waiting for the launch of the Princess Peach Showtime game. The game will be launched on 22 March 2025 for gamers to enjoy on Nintendo Switch.

Princess Peach is all set to lead another game in the Marioverse where the princess will enjoy new transformations, powerups, and several other unique elements. The game will be iconic with excellent graphics and you get your hands on the game in the month of March this year.

Hades 2

7 Most Awaited Games Of 2024

With the successful launch and performance of the first game Hades that was launched in the year 2020, Supergiant Games shocked the world when they announced the news of a new sequel of the original game in development. The new sequel, Hades 2, will focus on Zagreus’s sister, Melionë, which is completely different from part one of the game.

Melionë will descend into the underworld to fight with her father Chronos and beat him up. You can enjoy the immersive gameplay and get into the adventures of this dysfunctional family. The developers have not set a launch date but the game is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2024 for the Windows platform.

The Final Verdict

Here are all the details on some of the top titles that are expected to launch this year. Action, adventure, life simulation, etc. the gaming world is set to witness new titles in different domains catering to the needs of all the gamers around the world.

Besides these names, there are several other launches that are planned for the year 2024. So, get ready to go on a roller coaster ride of new games this year.