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Love to play games on different consoles like PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, and write about them? With Player Counter, you get an excellent opportunity to get featured on the platform, spread your knowledge to other gamers and earn money on the side. We value your deep knowledge about the gaming domain and want to provide the right stage to present it to the gaming community.

We are always looking for talented writers who can dive into their gaming experience and offer immense value to your readers.

Passionate about Gaming & Writing? Write For PlayerCounter

PlayerCounter is a unique platform founded by programming nerds and avid gamers to keep a count of players for a particular game. We have a solid community of curious readers, making Player Counter a fantastic stage to showcase your gaming talent and knowledge.

You can write gaming guides, walkthroughs, expert reviews, and how-to guides on different video games for our gaming community. On top of this, you can share your deep knowledge of mods, cheat codes, tier lists, and server status of a particular game on the platform. Moreover, if you love to stay updated with your favorite game, then you can share the latest news of the game on the platform. 

Besides all this, you can tap into your experience of playing games on different consoles and share it with our reading community. In your guest post, you can share tips, error fixes, and procedures to run a particular game on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, emulators, and other major consoles.

No matter the game you love, we will love to post your views and informative guest posts on our platform. However, Pokemon, Fortnite, COD (Call Of Duty), and Elden Ring are some of the major games that our community loves to play and follow. 

Who Should Submit Guest Post to PlayerCounter?

Anyone with a love for playing games and a passion for writing about different aspects of the gaming world should definitely submit their post on our platform. With a plethora of topics about gaming consoles, mobile, and PC video games, you can opt for any topic in which you can share valuable knowledge that our fan base enjoys.

We want you to write about an aspect of the game of your liking. In case, you are not able to funnel down, you can send the details of your selected topic to the editor and only after you get a heads-up, you can curate top-notch content. Remember our gaming audience loves fresh and premium-quality content that is both fun to read and imparts deep knowledge on the selected topic.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Given below are full details about your gaming post submission guidelines. Follow them religiously to get your post accepted easily.

  • Write a high-quality content piece that has insightful information about the topic. Ensure that the content is super engaging for our gaming audience and information-rich that helps them in their gaming endeavors.
  • Once the content is written, make sure the content is proofread to avoid unnecessary grammatical, sentence, and spelling mistakes. Ensure proper formatting of headings/subheadings and share content ready for publishing.
  • Don’t submit any post already submitted or published on any other platform. Also, don’t copy and paste anything from the internet directly. In case our premium plagiarism checkers find a sliver of copied content, the team will immediately reject your written piece.
  • Use proper anchor links that are not promotional. No irrelevant, broken, or affiliate links should be added.
  • Give a nice and captivating title and ensure that the blog length is at least 800 words.
  • Add high-resolution images that are copyright free. We consider the ideal image size to be at least 750x450px.
  • If you are familiar with SEO of content then it will add more value to your content. If not, our editing team will help you out.

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