What Is Player Counter?

Founded by avid gamers, PlayerCounter set out to track how many players were playing some of the most popular games today. A community of gaming nerds with half-baked programmer skills trying to track player counts of online games.

So naturally, we had a natural urge of curiosity to know how big the gaming scene was growing.

After searching and searching for game stats, we realized that no one had any excellent statistics or player counts on much of anything. Being stunned, we had to take action.

So, here we are with PLAYER COUNTER!

We take pride in our up-to-date player counters so that you can further enjoy Fortnite, Roblox, LOL, COD, or any other game you love.

What Is Live Player Count? 

Here at Player Counter, we offer you the live player counter of all the games you can think of. Besides that, you can check out the total player count, the number of active players in the last 30 days and more. 

Check out our Live Player Counter for updated stats.

We further explore concurrent players, earnings, geographics, user base, and everything else you can think of. 

What Do Concurrent Players Mean?

When referring to concurrent players, it typically means the number of players participating in a single game or across all games being played at the same time. 

For instance, with 100 concurrent users, if your application supports 2-player multiplayer games, this would equate to a maximum of 50 games occurring simultaneously. 

How Do Our Live Counters Work?

The number of active players you see is the closest estimate of how many people are playing your favorite game all over the world in real-time.

This figure is estimated using our Gohost Network Protocol technology, otherwise known as GNP.

Our estimates are being constantly improved, so that we can give you the most accurate player count on the web. We hope you enjoy our efforts to provide a close estimate.

Remember, our stats are not perfect, but we continue to work to provide the most accurate stats available for your favorite games. 

About Player Counter

What Else Is There On Player Counter?

We are definitely not limited to live player counters. 

We cover everything that is interesting to gamers. Popular or not-so-popular, big or small, we will try to cover everything. 

Always looking to make the site and our coverage better for our visitors.

Here’s everything else you will find on Player Counter!

Cross Play Or Cross Platform 

About Player Counter

In online video games, the term cross-play or cross-platform play refers to the capability of players using different gaming devices to engage with each other in real time. 

This feature enables players on one type of gaming console to interact and play with players on another type of console or a computer. 

What is the future of cross-platform features?

Until September 2018, Sony Interactive Entertainment limited PlayStation 4’s cross-play capabilities with other gaming systems, affecting the player communities of popular titles like Valorant and LOL

However, in September 2018, Sony initiated beta-testing for Fortnite’s cross-platform play and, in October 2019, announced that it would permit developers to include cross-platform play in their games.

Unblocked Games

Unblocked games have turned into a favored activity for students seeking relaxation during breaks at school. These games can be reached via specific websites that circumvent the limitations set by educational network systems. 

We have all these games and everything else you might want to know about Unblocked games here so that you can play the games you love without facing any restrictions.

About Player Counter

Server Status

It is quite annoying when the game server crashes, right? We are here to help! After a lot of research and technical stuff, we have tons of stuff about the server status of all the popular games.

So, there is no need for you to go and find a reliable source and spend time on the internet. You can check the server status of all the games here on Player Counter.

What are these game servers by the way?

A game server, often called a host, acts as the central authority for events in a multiplayer video game. 

This server sends sufficient information regarding its internal condition to ensure that its connected clients can keep an up-to-date and precise version of the game world for player viewing. Additionally, it collects and processes the inputs from each player.

Why do these game servers crash?

Gaming corporations might decommission servers for games operating on older-generation consoles to reduce business expenses. 

These shutdowns usually happen when there is a decline in user engagement following the release of a newer device. Since the upkeep and operation of servers incur high costs, their closure can lead to significant savings for a company.


That is not all, we also cover gaming news, release dates of upcoming games, unbiased reviews, and whatnot to keep you updated in this ever-changing e-sport domain. 

We also try to deliver critiques of the latest releases and conversations with leading figures in the industry so that you save time in choosing the game you like. Handy right?

About Player Counter

What We Believe In?

In the end, Player Counter represents just a single voice within the vast gaming space.

We cannot single-handedly fix every problem of the entire video game sector. Nevertheless, we think it’s crucial to share some of the beliefs and principles that our team values highly. Ultimately, our primary goal is to serve you as effectively as possible, and we believe that being ethical and transparent is the best approach to achieving this.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to write for us or if you have any tips or suggestions.