An Inside Look at Canada’s Casino Industry

Canada is a country that has allowed many forms of gambling to thrive. Betting on sports such as ice hockey is a common pastime for many Canadian adults. In addition, the country allows both land-based and online casinos to operate from its territories.

In this article, there is a focus on the Canadian casino industry, with some emphasis placed on the growing online markets for this form of gambling. 

In recent years, online casinos in Canada have experienced increased market dominance in the sector, partly due to the use of welcome bonuses and customer loyalty schemes which brick-and-mortar establishments rarely match.

They also provide 24/7 accessibility and the convenience of simply needing a smartphone or computer to enjoy instant gaming action.

An Inside Look at Canada's Casino Industry

Some brief casino facts

  • The first land-based casino in Canada was opened to the public in the early 1970s. Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall is in Dawson City, Yukon, and uses an 1898 saloon theme to inspire its design. 
  • Today, there are land-based casinos in virtually every province of Canada. British Columbia currently has the most, with 34 casinos in 20 cities across the province. 
  • Canada actively welcomes professionally run online casinos, and you can access over 2,100 sites within the country.

The use of welcome bonuses and loyalty schemes 

Online casinos in Canada have been quick to recognize the value of attracting and retaining loyal customers. Many online casinos in the country offer extremely attractive welcome bonuses to new customers to increase their customer base.

For example, if you decide to play online casino games at you will see that the casino offers a $1600 deposit bonus. This is where the casino will match the funds you deposit over repeat visits up to $400 per session. In addition, new players can benefit from 10 free daily shots to play for a $1,000,000 jackpot. 

These welcome offers are aimed at attracting new customers and the bonuses tend to be far greater for online casinos when compared to physical premises. In addition, many online casinos will offer longer-term bonuses to keep their customers in the form of various customer loyalty programs. Points-based loyalty programs are common in Canadian online casinos.

Here, gamers will earn points with every deposit that they make. Over time, and as these points accrue, they can be “cashed in” to give free spins on roulette wheels or even bonus prizes. 

An Inside Look at Canada's Casino Industry

A mix of luck-based games and deeper strategies

Both land-based and online Canadian casinos recognize the value of providing their customers a diverse selection of games. Canadian gamers are renowned for enjoying games that rely purely on luck.

As such, many casinos will offer a wide range of slot machines that do not require skill or strategy to play. They will also ensure that games such as roulette are available in their venues, as they recognize how popular these games are with inexperienced gamblers. 

It is also important to note that many Canadians enjoy playing games that require prior knowledge and strategy to play effectively. Card games such as poker and baccarat require practice and a deep understanding of card probabilities to become proficient.

More experienced Canadian gamblers enjoy these games and can often be found at the many card tables (both in-person and online) that Canadian casinos provide for their players.