Archero Best Weapon Mystery : Unlock Your Victory

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What’s the Archero’s best weapon? This question must be haunting every newbie and even seasoned Archero player. Let’s end the suspense right here. In Archero, the best weapon varies depending on your level and the challenges you face. This comprehensive guide will take you through every gun, its advantages, and how to utilize them effectively.


Understanding Archero Weapons

The key to mastering Archero is understanding the functionality of each weapon. Each weapon offers a different speed, power, and range. The five primary weapons are Saw Blade, Scythe, Tornado, Spear, and Brightspear.

Archer Weapons

The Archer Weapon Tier List

While the best weapon depends on the situation, here is a general Archero weapon tier list from highest to lowest:

  1. Scythe
  2. Brightspear
  3. Stalker Staff
  4. Tornado
  5. Saw Blade

Exploring Archero Best Weapons in Detail

Now let’s delve into the specifics of each weapon.


The Scythe, also known as the Death Scythe, is a powerhouse. It packs a powerful punch and has a knockback effect. The downside is its slower attack speed.

Archero Scythe


The bright spear offers a perfect blend of speed and power. It’s a versatile weapon effective in multiple scenarios, including the Flying Bullets event.


Stalker Staff

The Stalker Staff is a long-range weapon with piercing projectiles, making it ideal for hitting multiple enemies. Its high damage and crowd control abilities make it a popular choice.



The Tornado excels at crowd control, thanks to its boomerang effect. It’s perfect for temple levels with clustered enemies. Its downside is reduced damage to bosses.


Saw Blade

The Saw Blade offers the fastest attack speed. It’s great for immediate dangers due to its swift melee-like attacks. However, it lacks the raw power of a Scythe or Spear.

Saw Blade

Best Archero Armor, Rings, and Pets

Weapons aren’t everything in Archero. Armor, rings, and pets are vital to your survival and success. The Vest of Dexterity, Double Wolf Ring, and Laser Bat are among the best picks.

Archero Armor, Rings, and Pets

Archero Abilities and Skill Tier List

Abilities in Archero are equally crucial for your progression. Some of the best capabilities include Multishot, Front Arrow, Ricochet, and Extra Life. Each command can significantly alter your gameplay strategy.

Archero Abilities and Skill Tier List

Expert Strategy: Playing to Your Style

One of the best aspects of Archero is the freedom to play according to your style. Whether you like to keep your distance or go close quarters, you can choose your weapons and abilities accordingly.

Archero Play Style

Final Thoughts

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all “best” weapon in Archer. Your weapon choice should align with your playstyle, current level, and the challenges you face. This guide should have equipped you with the knowledge to make that decision. Remember, the best weapon is the one you’re most comfortable with.

So, equip yourself, dive in, and let the arrows fly. Good luck, brave Archer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Archero weapon for beginners?

The Saw Blade is a great starter weapon due to its fast attack speed. It helps you get accustomed to the game’s mechanics.

How do I get more Archero heroes?

Heroes can be unlocked by progressing through the game or purchasing them in the game’s shop.

Are there any promo codes in Archero?

Yes, Archero periodically releases promo codes that can give you in-game items. Be sure to follow their official social media pages for updates.

What is the Archero’s best weapon for the final boss?

The Brightspear and Stalker Staff are excellent boss-level choices due to their great damage output.