The Ultimate Guide to AUT Trello: Everything You Need to Know

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AUT Trello is a valuable tool for players of the popular game “A Universal Time” (AUT). It provides crucial information, resources, and community interaction that can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Let’s dive right in to uncover all there is to know about AUT Trello.

AUT Trello

Understanding AUT Trello

AUT Trello is a collaborative platform that serves as an information hub for the Roblox game, “A Universal Time.” Here, you can find game guides, updated logs, codes, and other essential resources to improve your gameplay.

AUT Trello Dashboard

How to Use AUT Trello

AUT Trello is user-friendly and can be navigated easily even by tech newbies. Simply visit the AUT Trello page, and you will find different sections or “cards” dedicated to various aspects of the game, including game guides, character abilities, in-game items, and more.

Using AUT Trello

Link to the Game

AUT Trello also provides a direct link to the AUT game on Roblox. This feature ensures that players can quickly access the game and apply the tips and strategies they’ve learned from the Trello board.

AUT Roblox Game Link

AUT U-coins

U-coins are the in-game currency of AUT. AUT Trello provides information on earning U-coins, making it easier for players to accumulate wealth and purchase in-game items.

AUT U-coins

Getting Stand Arrow and Requiem Arrow

AUT Trello provides detailed guides on how to obtain the Stand Arrow and Requiem Arrow, two vital items in the game. These guides include spawn locations, times, and strategies to increase your chances of obtaining these items.

Requiem Arrow AUT

Emotes in AUT

AUT Trello provides a list of all the emotes that you can use in AUT. Emotes add a fun element to the game, allowing players to express their emotions and interact more dynamically.

AUT Emotes

Active Cat Piece Codes

AUT Trello is a reliable source for active cat piece codes, which are often used to redeem valuable items or perks in the game. Make sure to check the Trello board regularly as the codes are updated frequently.

AUT Cat Piece Codes

Universal Abilities in AUT

AUT Trello also provides a comprehensive guide on the Universal Abilities in AUT, which are unique powers that characters in the game possess. Understanding these abilities can significantly improve your gameplay.

Universal Abilities AUT

Treasure Chests in AUT

AUT Trello guides players on how to find and obtain treasure chests in AUT. These chests can contain rare items and resources that can enhance your character’s abilities and overall game performance.

AUT Treasure Chests

Additional Resources for AUT Players

Apart from the above, AUT Trello also provides links to other helpful resources such as the official AUT Discord server and the AUT wiki. These platforms provide additional information and foster a sense of community among AUT players worldwide.

AUT Discord Server

Using AUT Trello can truly enhance your gaming experience, making it easier to understand the game’s mechanics, keep up with updates, and connect with the AUT community. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, the resources provided by AUT Trello can significantly improve your skills and knowledge of the game.


In conclusion, AUT Trello is an indispensable tool for any player of “A Universal Time” on Roblox.

With its comprehensive game guides, updated logs, codes, and essential resources, it greatly enhances the gaming experience.

From understanding game mechanics to keeping up with updates and connecting with the vibrant AUT community, AUT Trello covers all bases.

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned player, leveraging the power of AUT Trello can vastly improve your skills, knowledge, and overall enjoyment of the game. Remember to use it as your go-to guide for all things AUT,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is AUT Trello?

AUT Trello is an information hub for the game A Universal Time (AUT) on Roblox. It provides game guides, updates logs, codes, and other resources to help players.

How can I use AUT Trello?

Simply visit the AUT Trello page and navigate through the different sections or “cards” dedicated to various aspects of the game. Each card provides detailed information on its respective topic.

How can I obtain a Stand Arrow or Requiem Arrow in AUT?

AUT Trello provides detailed guides on how to obtain these vital items in the game, including their spawn locations and times.

What are U-coins in AUT?

U-coins are the in-game currency in AUT, used for purchasing in-game items. AUT Trello provides information on how to earn U-coins.

What are the benefits of using AUT Trello?

AUT Trello serves as a comprehensive guide to the game, providing valuable resources and tips that can help improve your gameplay. It also fosters a sense of community among AUT players.