Back 4 Blood Live Player Count & Statistics 2024

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Back 4 Blood Live Player Count & Statistics 2024

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Back 4 Blood Overview

Developer        Turtle Rock Studios
Release Date7 October 2021
Registered Users16 million
GenreMultiplayer video game, Single-player video game
Available Platform(s)     PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Windows

Back 4 Blood Live Player Count 2024

  • Back 4 Blood has 109 daily active players with an all-time high of 65,873 players in 2024.
  • The number of monthly Back 4 Blood active users is more than 3,266.6.
  • To date, Back 4 Blood has more than 16 million registered users.
  • Back 4 Blood is most popular in United States with 13.43% of players.

Back 4 Blood Monthly Active Players

As of 2024, Back 4 Blood has around 3,266.6 active monthly users.

Here are the stats for active monthly players for Back 4 Blood over the last few months.

MonthBack 4 Blood Active PlayersBack 4 Blood Peak Players
Last 30 Days3,266.6016,050

Back 4 Blood Live Player Count & Statistics 2024

Countries With The Most Back 4 Blood Players

Back 4 Blood is most popular in United States in 2024, with 13.43% percentage of Back 4 Blood players from United States, followed by Russia with 6.84% players, and Japan with 4.1% players.

CountryPercentage Of Back 4 Blood Players
United States13.43%

Back 4 Blood Live Player Count & Statistics 2024

Back 4 Blood Key Statistics 2024

  • Back 4 Blood  has a total lifetime revenue of $107 million.
  • ​​[x-x] age group has the most number of Back 4 Blood players.
  • Evangelo is currently the number #1 Back 4 Blood  player and is also the most popular among Back 4 Blood fans.
  • Back 4 Blood has generated over $107 million in revenue since its release.
  • Over the last few years, Back 4 Blood generated $31 million in 2021, $40 million in 2022, and $36 million in 2023 in revenue.

Back 4 Blood Player Demographics

Back 4 Blood player demographics for age and gender can be found below:

Age Distribution 2024: What age mostly plays Back 4 Blood?

Back 4 Blood is most popular among players in the age group [X-X] with a total of [x%] players.

However, there is no screening when it comes to Back 4 Blood registrations, so no one can determine an actual value for Back 4 Blood age distribution.

Age GroupPercentage of Back 4 Blood users

Back 4 Blood Gender Demographics 2024

According to our research, [x%] of Back 4 Blood players are male and [x%] are female.

Male Players[X%]
Female Player[X%]

Back 4 Blood Twitch Stats

Twitch, being a major platform for Back 4 Blood players, has seen a considerable number of streamers and viewers over the last few years.

YearAverage Monthly PlayersAverage % GainAverage Peak Players

Back 4 Blood Live Player Count & Statistics 2024

Back 4 Blood has 236K followers with 77 viewers on Twitch as of 2024.

Top 3 Back 4 Blood videos based on views are:

  1. trials x51! headshots only! with 358 views
  2. trials x51! headshots only! good vibes good gameplay with 326 views
  3. Playing some more Back 4 Blood! with 269 views

Back 4 Blood Top Players/Streamers 2024

UberHaxorNova is the top Back 4 Blood player/streamer of 2024 in Back 4 Blood global rankings, and UberHaxorNova is his/her player ID.

Zerkaa is the second most popular player/streamer of Back 4 Blood followed by BLiTz5andfriends.

ChannelViewsPlayer ID


Is The Back 4 Blood Down?

Click here to check the server status of The Back 4 Blood.

How Many The Back 4 Blood Players Are Male?

For The Back 4 Blood Online -% of players are male, while -% are female as of 2024.

Is The Back 4 Blood Cross Platform? 

Yes/No,  The Back 4 Blood is Yes/No cross platform.

What Is The Release Date Of The Back 4 Blood?

The Back 4 Blood Online was released on 7 October, 2021 and is now available globally.

Who Is The Number 1 The Back 4 Blood Player?

Evangelo is the number one player for The Back 4 Blood as of 2024.