Best Armor in Fallout 4: An In-Depth Guide for the Ultimate Defense

The world of Fallout 4 is a dangerous place. As you traverse the post-apocalyptic wasteland, having the best armor is crucial for survival. This comprehensive guide will assist you in discovering the best armor in Fallout 4, giving you the edge you need to thrive in the Commonwealth.

Understanding Armor in Fallout 4

Armor in Fallout 4 is more than just about protection. It can also provide special bonuses, improve your stats, and even alter your playstyle. To find the best match, you need to consider your character build and personal preferences.

Armor Types

Armor in Fallout 4 comes in various types: Combat Armor, Leather Armor, Metal Armor, Synth Armor, and Raider Armor. Each of these armor types has its unique strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Combat Armor offers balanced ballistic and energy resistance, while Metal Armor shines in terms of raw ballistic resistance.

The Best Non-Power Armors

Non-power armors are a solid choice for those who prefer mobility and stealth over heavy protection. Here are some of the best non-power armors in Fallout 4:

Metal Armor

For raw ballistic resistance, Metal Armor is the top pick. Its superior protection against conventional weaponry makes it ideal for players who frequently engage in gunfights.

Combat Armor

Providing a balanced defense against both ballistic and energy attacks, Combat Armor is a versatile choice suitable for various combat situations.

Army Fatigues with Ballistic Weave

When paired with a high-level Ballistic Weave, Army Fatigues can transform you into a walking tank. The Ballistic Weave is a mod that significantly boosts the armor’s defensive stats, making this combination one of the best non-power armors in the game.

The Best Power Armors

Power Armors offer superior protection and firepower but at the cost of mobility and stealth. They’re perfect for those who want to feel like a juggernaut on the battlefield.

T-60 Power Armor

The T-60 Power Armor is one of the best armors in Fallout 4. It offers excellent protection and can be acquired relatively early in the game.

X-01 Power Armor

If you’re in the endgame and want the absolute best power armor, look no further than the X-01 Power Armor. With outstanding resistance stats and unique Enclave aesthetics, it’s a favorite among many players.

Armor Sets from DLCs

Fallout 4’s DLCs introduced several impressive armor sets. These are some of the standouts

Marine Armor (Far Harbor DLC)

The Marine Armor from the Far Harbor DLC is a favorite among players. It boasts the best ballistic and energy resistances of all non-power armor sets. However, it’s relatively heavy and can only be obtained from certain sources.

Disciples Armor (Nuka-World DLC)

The Disciples Armor from the Nuka-World DLC is an excellent choice for stealth-based characters. It offers good protection while still allowing for a high degree of mobility.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best armor in Fallout 4 is a journey. From your first set of Raider Armor to the towering X-01 Power Armor, each piece offers unique advantages. Whether you’re a stealthy assassin, a resilient tank, or a devastating powerhouse, there’s an armor set that fits your playstyle.

Remember, the best armor for you depends on your character build, playstyle, and personal preferences. Equip yourself wisely, and may your adventures in the Commonwealth be legendary.


What is the best armor in Fallout 4 without any DLC?

Without DLC, the best non-power armor is the Combat Armor due to its balanced resistances, and the best power armor is the X-01 Power Armor for its superior defenses.

Which power armor has the highest defense in Fallout 4?

The X-01 Power Armor provides the highest overall defense among all power armors in Fallout 4.

How can I get the best armor in Fallout 4?

Acquiring the best armor involves exploring the Commonwealth, completing quests, defeating enemies, and even crafting and modifying armor at workbenches.

What is the best armor in Fallout 4 for a stealth build?

For stealth builds, the Disciples Armor from the Nuka-World DLC is a great choice due to its blend of protection and mobility.

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