Best Linux For Gamers In 2024

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Best Linux For Gaming

In the past, only Windows worked for PC games. Now, Linux gamers can use Wine, Proton, or play games made for Linux. But which Linux system is best for gaming?

There are many different Linux options for gamers, just like for anything else you use a computer for. Here are some good choices to play all sorts of games, from old ones to brand new releases.

Is Linux good for gaming? Yes, very much so! Linux uses fewer resources than Windows, so there’s more power for your games. Plus, some Linux gaming systems are set up perfectly for gaming right from the start.

What games can you play on Linux?

Almost any Windows game! If a game isn’t made for Linux, you can probably use Proton, a program that lets you play Windows games on Linux. ProtonDB helps you see how well different games work on Linux.

The best Linux choice for you depends on what kind of games you want to play. Think about how powerful you want the system to be and how well it works with your graphics card.

Two Top Gaming Distros for Hardcore Gamers

Pop!_OS is Great for Hardware Support

This distro is not as common, but it’s made by a company that builds computers specifically for Linux, so it works well with many parts. You can also install it on your own computer, but it might be easier to get working on a computer from that company.

Garuda is built for gaming and comes ready to go. It has a special “engine” (called a kernel) for powerful computers and lets you install gaming programs like Steam during setup.

Kubuntu is a different option. It’s not just for gaming, but it’s very easy to change and works well with most hardware. This means it’s easier to get help online and it won’t slow down your computer. 

However, Kubuntu uses a special type of app (Snap packages) that can be annoying. You might want to use different apps instead.

Turn your computer into a retro gaming console with these Linux options: Batocera, Lakka, and RetroPie

Instead of a bulky arcade machine, bring back your childhood favorites with these special Linux versions built for classic games and emulators.

Unique interfaces for every taste:

  • Batocera offers a classic look inspired by 80s and 90s consoles, with additional themes available.
  • Lakka keeps things simple with a minimalist design, like a mix of PS3 and Android styles.
  • RetroPie uses a text menu, perfect for both TVs and small screens like portable consoles (great for Raspberry Pi projects!).

Best Linux For Gaming

All set to play!

All three come with many emulators already installed, so you can just add your games (ROMs) and start playing. They also work well with most controllers, making them ideal for retro gaming fun.

Looking for a user-friendly Linux for gaming? Try Linux Mint!

Linux Mint is a great choice for Windows users who want to switch to Linux for gaming. Here’s why:

  • Choices: Unlike some systems, Mint offers different desktop styles (Cinnamon, MATE, Xfce) you can download. These look similar to Windows, making it easier to learn.
  • Easy to Use: If you’re used to Windows, Mint’s familiar desktop makes switching to Linux smooth.