How To Plan A Game Night: Best Multiplayer Games & Tips

How To Plan A Game Night: Best Multiplayer Games & Tips

Game nights are gold. They allow us to chill and chuckle with pals while having unstoppable fun. But hey, a smooth evening doesn’t just happen. It needs a bit of craft. Here’s how to throw a bash that’ll have everyone buzzing!

How to Elevate Your Evening

A perfect game night is all about the vibe, the snacks, and, of course, the perfect mix of games. Here’s how to make sure your evening is nothing short of legendary.

  1. Game Choice

What’s your bunch of friends like — a big group or just a few? There’s a play out there for every crowd. Mix it up with brain busters, belly laugh inducers, and strategy showdowns.

Quick tip: Have a “wild card” game on standby, something out of the blue that might become the night’s hit. Variety is the spice of game night, so stick to it!

  1. Snack Attack

Skip the complex recipes. Opt for grab-and-go snacks like chips, dips, and finger foods that don’t require a play pause. Or you can go even further! Set up a snack station where gamers can refuel without missing a turn. The goal is to keep everyone fed and focused on the fun, not fussing with forks and knives.

  1. Vibe Right

What’s the perfect gaming atmosphere? Dim the lighting for a cozy ambiance, cue up an upbeat but not overwhelming playlist, and pile up the pillows for peak comfort. For a special twist, throw in Hometown Hero gummies to mellow the mood just right. These THC edibles are your secret hack to help everyone feel relaxed and ready to roll into game mode.

  1. Prep to Impress

A bit of prep can prevent hiccups. Set up games in advance, have a quick rule rundown ready, and consider a brief tutorial for any game night newbies. Remember, a game night stalled by rulebook consultations is a game night slowed down.

  1. Keep It Flowing

Schedule mini-breaks to stretch, snack, and switch games if needed. These pauses are when you’ll share laughs, recount the night’s epic wins, or plot comebacks. And yes, you can use these breaks to introduce surprise elements — like a sudden switch to a completely different type of play. Remember, your task is to keep the night unpredictable and exciting.

7 Hot Multiplayer Video Game Picks

Dota 2

Players: 2 teams of 5

Two teams, each controlling one powerful hero, battle across a sprawling map to destroy the opposing team’s structure. Dota 2 is a chessboard come to life (hey, strategy lovers!), with over a hundred heroes on offer, each with a different strategy and tactics. 

Players love Dota 2 for its depth and complexity. Its a unique draw? The game is an evolving puzzle where you keep mastering your skills. Coordination, strategy, and quick thinking are paramount. So, every victory of your team is profoundly satisfying.

Apex Legends

Players: Up to 60 per match, in squads of 3

It’s a high-octane battle royale. Here, squads of three drop into a vast arena, scavenging for weapons and battling it out to be the last team standing. Apex Legends blends traditional shooter mechanics with unique character abilities. So, you get a dynamic, fast-paced battlefield where strategy, skill, and quick decisions lead to success. 

Its hallmark? The innovative ping system and character-specific abilities foster teamwork and communication. Unique features offer outstanding gameplay — definitely not another trivial, crowded battle royale arena.


Players: Unlimited

In Minecraft, players gather resources, craft items, and build anything imaginable. If you want some creativity, try this one! Surf from survival mode, where players fend off creatures of the night, to creative mode, where the only limit is your imagination. 

Indeed, Minecraft can be whatever you want it to be: a play of survival, a canvas for creativity, a platform to learn coding, or a place to connect with friends. Exciting, right?

Team Fortress 2

Players: Various, depending on the mode

Two teams compete in various game modes (like Capture the flag and King of the Hill), each player assuming one of nine distinct classes. Team Fortress 2 is a masterclass in balance and humor, a shooter that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And yes, a shooting-humor combo is possible!

But the game’s main power is its distinct, personality-filled classes and the sheer fun of its gameplay. Whatever your activity — building sentry guns as the Engineer or rocket jumping as the Soldier — Team Fortress 2 brings a rewarding multiplayer experience, all served with a side of whimsy.

How To Plan A Game Night: Best Multiplayer Games & Tips


Players: 2

Players use decks of cards that stand for spells, characters, and abilities to defeat their opponent. Hearthstone is indeed a card game. But it’s much more accessible than, well, any other play type. 

And it’s another one all about strategy. With Hearthstone, you must anticipate your opponent’s moves and tackle the cards you play. And a plus: the constantly evolving meta and regular updates keep the game fresh and engaging. I guess this game will suit practically anyone — from casual gamers to competitive players.

Among Us

Players: 4-10

Crewmates work together to complete tasks around the ship, but impostors lurk among them, sabotaging and eliminating the crew. This game is not about gold or power. Instead, trust is your most valuable asset and your biggest weakness here. 

Among Us is a different multiplayer game. It can turn friends into foes and simple tasks into life-or-death decisions. Its unique selling point is the social manipulation aspect. Ready for a tense and thrilling atmosphere? Then choose this one!


Players: 1-4

In Overcooked, players must prepare and cook orders in absurdly designed kitchens under a time limit. So prepare! You will need strong coordination and communication for this one. Overcooked is a game that takes the simple concept of cooking and turns it into a frantic dash against the clock. You’ll be dealing with chaos here as you dash around kitchens that split, catch fire, or move.