Unlock the Ultimate Guide to Best Villager Trades in Minecraft

Discover the top villager trades for easy emerald farming and rare items in Minecraft. Get the ultimate guide for all levels of players.

Minecraft villager trading

Introduction to Villager Trades

Villager trading in Minecraft is an essential aspect of gameplay that allows players to exchange items with villagers for emeralds and other valuable items. This guide will walk you through the best villager trades available and provide strategies to maximize your trading experience. Minecraft villager trading-1

Best Villager Trades by Profession

Villagers in Minecraft have different professions, and each profession offers unique trades. The following list presents the best villager trades for each profession:

1. FarmerFarmer

Farmers are an excellent source of emeralds, as they accept a variety of crops for trade. Some top trades include:

  • 20 wheat for one emerald (novice)
  • Pumpkins, melons, potatoes, and carrots for emeralds

2. LibrarianLibrarian

Librarians offer enchanted books and other valuable items. Notable trades include:

  • 5-64 emeralds & book for one enchanted book (novice)
  • Bookshelves for one emerald each (zombified)

3. MasonMason

Masons buy stone and other materials for emeralds. Key trades are:

  • Ten clay for one emerald (novice)
  • 12 nether quartz for one emerald (expert)

4. FletcherFletcher

Fletchers buy various items like sticks and flint. Some significant trades are:

  • 32 sticks for one emerald (novice)
  • 26 flint for one emerald (apprentice)

5. FishermanFisherman

Fishermen offer trades for string and fish. Key trades include:

  • 20 strings for one emerald (novice)
  • Four pufferfish for one emerald (master)

6. ShepherdShepherd

Shepherds trade wool for emeralds, with a notable trade being 18 wool for one emerald (novice).

7. ClericCleric

Clerics accept various items for emeralds, including:

  • Rotten flesh for emeralds
  • Three gold for one emerald (apprentice)

8. Armorer, Toolsmith, and WeaponsmithArmorer



These villagers trade metal resources for emeralds, such as:

  • 15 coal for one emerald (novice)
  • Four iron for one emerald (apprentice)

9. LeatherworkerLeatherworker

Leatherworkers offer trades for leather items and resources, like six emeralds for one saddle (master).

10. CartographerCartographer

Cartographers provide maps and other paper-related items. Some trades to consider are:

  • Paper for emeralds
  • 14 emeralds & compass for woodland mansion map (journeyman)

11. Wandering TraderWandering Trader

Wandering traders offer various random items in exchange for emeralds. Some notable trades are:

  • Six emeralds for one blue ice
  • Five emeralds for one nautilus shell

Strategies for Maximizing Trades

To make the most of your villager trading experience, follow these strategies:

Create a Trading Hall

Design a trading hall to house all your villagers, making it easier to access their trades. Minecraft trading hall

Focus on Renewable Resources

Trade items that can be quickly replenished, such as crops, paper, and sticks, for a continuous flow of emeralds.

Zombify and Cure Villagers

Minecraft zombify and cure villagersTurn villagers into zombies and then cure them to get better trade deals.

Increase Villager Popularity

Improve your popularity with villagers by trading frequently and defending the village from raids. Higher popularity leads to better trade offers.

Utilize Hero of the Village Effect

Complete a raid successfully to receive the Hero of the Village effect, which grants better trade deals for a limited time.

Expert Tips for Successful Trading

Keep these expert tips in mind when trading with villagers:

  • Be patient: Villagers refresh their trades periodically. If a trade is locked, wait for them to restock.
  • Protect your villagers: Build walls and well-lit areas to keep your villagers safe from hostile mobs.
  • Breed more villagers: Increase the number of villagers to have a diverse range of trades available.

Advanced Villager Trading Techniques

To further optimize your villager trading experience, consider employing these advanced techniques:

Establish a Renewable Resource Farm

Create farms for renewable resources such as crops, sugarcane, and tree farms to ensure you always have materials to trade. Minecraft renewable resource farm

Automate the Trading Process

Construct automated trading systems using Redstone and minecarts to transport items and villagers efficiently. Minecraft automated trading system

Combine Trades for Better Items

Trade with different villagers to acquire resources that can be combined to create valuable items, such as enchanted gear or tools. For example, they trade with a librarian for enchanted books and a blacksmith for tools or armor.

Utilize Trading Discounts from Events

Take advantage of discounts during events like Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. During these events, villagers often provide better trade deals.

Understanding Villager Profession Mechanics

To maximize your villager trading, it’s essential to understand how their professional mechanics work:

  • Villagers choose their profession based on the workstation block placed in their vicinity.
  • Unemployed or novice-level villagers can change professions by replacing their workstations.
  • Villagers refresh their trades when they interact with their workstations during working hours.
  • Villagers gain experience and level up as they trade, unlocking new trade options.
  • The number of times a trade can be used is limited, but villagers restock periodically.

Best Items to Craft or Enchant Using Villager Trades

Here are some powerful items you can craft or enchant using villager trades:

  • Mending Books: Librarians can offer Mending enchanted books, which are essential for keeping your gear in top condition.
  • Unbreaking III Books: These books can be used to increase the durability of your tools, weapons, and armor.
  • Fortune III or Looting III Books: These enchantments increase the drop rate of valuable resources and items.
  • Silk Touch Books: This enchantment allows you to harvest blocks in their original form, making it helpful in gathering specific resources.

Use these enchantments to create powerful gear and tools to make your Minecraft experience more enjoyable.

How to Safeguard Your Villager Trading Hub

To protect your villagers and trading hub, follow these guidelines:

  • Build walls or fences around the village to keep hostile mobs out.
  • Place torches or other light sources to prevent mob spawns within the town.
  • Create an Iron Golem to defend the town from hostile mobs.
  • Utilize trapdoors, moats, or other defensive structures to deter unwanted visitors.

Minecraft village protection

By implementing these advanced techniques and understanding villager mechanics, you can take your trading experience to the next level. Armed with the knowledge from this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-equipped to master villager trading and reap the rewards in your Minecraft world.


In conclusion, understanding the best villager trades and utilizing effective strategies can significantly enhance your Minecraft gameplay experience.

By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you will be well on your way to maximizing your trading potential and enjoying the rewards of successful trading. Happy gaming!


What are the best villager trades in Minecraft?

The best villager trades vary depending on the profession and the player’s needs. Some top trades include farmers buying crops, librarians offering enchanted books, and masons purchasing stone materials for emeralds.

How do I get better villager trades?

To get better villager trades, increase your popularity with villagers by frequently trading, defending the village, and curing zombified villagers. The Hero of the Village effect also grants better trade deals.

Can I change a villager’s profession?

Yes, you can change a villager’s profession by removing their current workstation and placing a new one corresponding to the desired profession. However, this only works for unemployed or novice-level villagers.

How do I breed villagers in Minecraft?

To breed villagers, provide them with enough food and ensure the village has available beds. Villagers will then enter “love mode” and produce baby villagers.

What is the Hero of the Village effect in Minecraft?

The Hero of the Village effect is granted to players who complete a raid. This effect provides better trade deals and causes villagers to throw gifts at the player for a limited time.

Can I trade with Nitwit villagers in Minecraft?

No, Nitwit villagers do not have a profession and cannot trade with players. They are mainly used for breeding purposes.