Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked: 2023 Guide For Free Games In School/Work

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Big Tower Tiny Square (BTTS) is an intense and addictive 2D platformer with obstacles one must navigate through as they make their way up the giant tower.

The game’s objective is to reach the top of the tower – while being hunted by monsters in the form of blobs, cannons, and bouncers, which must be avoided while collecting coins along the way. With each level offering new challenges, this game simultaneously needs skill, timing, and tactics!

For many students or workers who are looking for a way to entertain themselves during their downtime, Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked is an option that they can use.

It is free to play, and the website is often unblocked at school or work, despite sure firewalls in place that might stop access from normal browsing. It can also be found on various gaming devices like PCs, Macs, and mobile phones.

Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked has been played by over 10 million players worldwide since its initial release in 2018. Even today, this game continues to entertain people for hours of fun with its entertaining characters you control and witty villains you outsmart.

How To Unblock Big Tower Tiny Square?

Sure, firewalls may block specific websites and filter traffic from reaching them, so an unblocked game version might be required for those who want to play it.

Various methods exist to access games like these, even when a restriction is in place, such as using VPNs or proxy services.


Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are used to access websites and services that may be blocked in certain regions, with the help of a virtual tunnel that encryption keeps safe from prying eyes.

This will allow one to access Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked on sites like ItsAnAirship and other school campuses without issues.

The user should first find a reliable VPN service that can provide an appropriate tunnel for their connection. It is advised to read reviews and comparisons of different VPN services to find the most suitable one, after which they can download the service’s client and open it.

The user will then have the option to choose a server from a list according to their location, following which they should be connected.


Another option that one could use would be proxy servers, as these provide access to various websites regardless of any restrictions in place. Proxy servers often offer the same level of anonymity as a VPN but are much simpler and easier to use.

The user can choose from public or private proxies depending on their preference when browsing for an unblocked version of Big Tower Tiny Square.

They should then open the website they want to access along with the proxy server selected for this purpose and start using it on browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., ensuring that the proxy server being used is appropriate and secure.


Another method for accessing websites like Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked would be using Google Chrome’s ‘incognito mode’. This will allow the user to open an unmonitored space where any type of browsing can take place without anyone else seeing it, leaving no trace behind.

The window will also not store or save any search history, thus making sure that the user is entirely private.

It should be noted, though, that this method will only work in places where websites like BTTS are not already restricted. Otherwise, it would still need a VPN/Proxy connection on top of this anonymous feature for successful access.

Cloud Gaming Service

The final way testers could play Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked at school or work is by using Cloud gaming services. These provide an easy way to access unblocked games as the game data is loaded from a server in the cloud onto one’s device, allowing them to navigate through restrictions easily.

Various providers for this service, like Google Stadia and Microsoft Games Pass, offer great deals with their packages.

How To Play Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked At School or Work?

Users can easily access Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked from anywhere by using any of these methods. They could also use social media forums like Reddit to learn more about school or work restrictions for the game and recommend solutions.

Pros & Cons Of Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked

Big Tower tiny square unblocked provides an addictive experience, but a few potential drawbacks come with this. It should also be noted that these methods may not be completely foolproof, and running into any problems, especially at school or work, could get the user in trouble.


  1. Free to use with unlimited levels
  2. Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked is a free-to-play game, so there won’t be any charges for extra features. Additionally, it offers hours of enjoyable obstacles as you strive up the tower.
  3. Varied levels – One of the most prominent benefits of using Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked is its wide range of obstacles and enemies at each level. Thus, no two levels are the same as you traverse to the top.
  4. Intuitive control system – The game has an easy-to-pick-up control system, making any user playing it feel right at home.


  1. Availability – This game may not be available in every country, and some firewalls may block it depending on the location/institution.
  2. Graphics – The graphics can sometimes feel outdated due to their 2D nature.
  3. Limited appeal – Due to its difficulty, Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked might have a limited number of gamers willing to play it.

Big tower tiny square unblocked Tips & Tricks

When playing Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked, some tips and tricks will be helpful for any user. Here is a list of those techniques which should be kept in mind when playing the game:

  1. Use the arrow keys – It might seem simple, but all your keyboard keys can make traversing through levels much more accessible.
  2. Collect coins – This may not sound like a vital tip, but these coins help you purchase power-ups that can change the gameplay.
  3. Look for hidden paths – Many levels have secret pathways or shortcuts that you can use to traverse easier and faster through a story.
  4. Learn enemy patterns – Knowing how different enemies move is critical to progressing further in Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked. Memorize these as much as possible before attempting any of the higher levels.

Games Similar To Big Tower Tiny Square

Here are some other similar games players may enjoy in the same genre: –

  2. Super Meat Boy
  3. Nuclear Throne
  4. Enter The Gungeon

For those who relish the challenge and variety in gaming, Yandex Games offers a wide array of unblocked games and Moto X3M, an enthralling motorcycle stunt game catering to different tastes and preferences.


Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked is an intense and highly addicting 2D platformer that can be enjoyed on various devices. With its numerous levels and ever-present obstacles, one can find hours of fun challenging themselves to traverse through them.

There are various unblocked methods for anyone trying to access the game at school or work, such as VPNs, proxies, Chrome add-ons and cloud gaming services. However, these come with specific pros & cons, so make sure you know how each works before attempting them.


Is Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked Safe?

The game itself is safe and contains no malicious content. However, if one chooses to use a VPN/proxy, they should ensure that it provides appropriate security for their data not to be compromised.

Is Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked Legal?

Yes, this game is entirely legal if you use the official source. It is also available for free to download and play on multiple devices.

Best VPN for Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked?

Some of the best VPNs recommended for this would be ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, and IPVanish, as these are secure, reliable, and fast enough to access websites like BTTS unblocked without any lag.

Can you play Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked on a school Chromebook?

Yes, you can play this game by downloading an Android version or with the help of cloud gaming services. Just ensure there aren’t any restrictions for BTTS before attempting so.

Is Big Tower Tiny Square Unblocked available offline?

No currently, the game can only be played online on various platforms like itsAnAirship, Steam, or mobile devices. An offline version of the game is still yet to launch.