Do A Barrel Roll 3 Times

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Do A Barrel Roll 3 Times

Everyone who has ever used the internet has likely used Google and its many services. Initially, Google was only a search engine where people could find the information they needed online. Google started simply and has grown to provide many different services. It also launched some entertaining experiments for its users.

Now, Google includes games like Google Guitar, Google Snake, and Pac-man in its search engine for entertainment. If users have some free time or want to play a game, they can do so directly on Google. Additionally, Google has added various tricks to its search engine, known as Easter Eggs.

“Do a Barrel Roll” is a similar kind of Easter Egg trick that Google uses to entertain its users. In this trick, Google shows search results on a rotating web page, making the user’s screen spin while displaying the search results.

The term “Do a Barrel Roll” originated from the Nintendo 64 game Star Fox. In the Super Nintendo version of the game, the defense team can execute a barrel roll by double tapping the L or R buttons. The character Peppy Hare from Star Fox tells the player to “Do a Barrel Roll” through on-screen text.

Unlock the Fun With Google’s Barrel Roll

You can search “tilt,” “do a Barrel Roll,” or “Z or R twice” on Google, not just in games. This action spins the whole page 360 degrees while displaying the search results. It typically takes about 5 seconds for the page to rotate. It’s similar to how a motorcycle performs a Tilt Jump; searching “Do a Barrel Roll” has the same effect on the result page.

This trick has no other purpose or goal. It works on any device such as desktops, laptops, or mobiles, and on any browser like Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Just go to the Google search page and try it. Do a barrel roll 3 times.

Here’s how to do it: Enter “do a barrel roll” in Google’s search bar and watch the results page do the Barrel Roll trick, spinning 360 degrees twice.

Other sites allow you to repeat the Google barrel roll trick multiple times. You can spin it two, three, five, 5.5, ten, fifteen, twenty, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, fifty, five hundred, five thousand, fifty thousand, one million, or even 100000000000000000000000000000000000 times.

When Google introduced this trick, the phrase “Do a barrel roll” quickly became a highly searched term and trended worldwide on Twitter. Although it’s no longer trending on Twitter, millions of users still enjoy this feature.

Do A Barrel Roll 3 Times

However, this trick has a limitation: it only activates when you search for the “do a barrel roll” query in Google. If you search for anything else, it won’t create the barrel roll effect on the results page, and you’ll see results in the usual way.

Now you understand the limitation: this trick only works with a specific keyword and not with other searches you might want to make on Google. To get around this limitation, you can use the barrel roll trick from

At, you can even customize the default search engine logo to your name or anything else you choose. Whatever you search for on this site, the results will appear in a spinning format.

On this website, the barrel roll trick rotates the results page very quickly compared to Google. It takes just 1 second, which is 80% faster than Google. At, the results page will spin once for every search, but you can spin it many times.

You can use this barrel roll trick two, three, five, fifty, 5.5, ten, fifteen, five hundred, twenty, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, five thousand, fifty thousand, one million, or even 100000000000000000000000000000000000 times.