Do A Barrel Roll x10 Times

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Do A Barrel Roll x10 Times

Almost everyone who has accessed the Internet has probably utilized Google and its various services. Initially, Google started as a simple search engine where users would search for needed information online.

Google has since expanded to offer a wide range of services, including some for entertainment. Now, Google incorporates games such as Google Snake, Google Guitar, and Pac-man into its search function for users to play in their leisure time.

It has also introduced several Easter Eggs in its search engine, such as “Do a Barrel Roll,” which makes the user’s screen spin while showing search results.

The term “Do a Barrel Roll” comes from the Nintendo 64 game Star Fox. In the game, players can execute a barrel roll by pressing the L or R buttons twice. A character in the game, Peppy Hare, advises the player to “Do a Barrel Roll,” which appears as text on the screen.

Google Barrel Roll

Enter “tilt,” “do a barrel roll,” or “Z or R twice” in Google’s search field. The search results page will spin around 360 degrees, taking about 5 seconds to finish. This is similar to a motorcycle rider performing a Tilt Jump.

Typing “Do a Barrel Roll” into Google will rotate the results page in the same manner. This feature is just for fun. It works across all devices, including desktops, laptops, and mobile phones, and it is compatible with any browser like Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Just type the phrase into Google’s search bar.

Here’s what happens: Type “do a barrel roll” into Google, and the results page will spin 360 degrees twice.

Various websites allow you to repeat Google’s barrel roll trick multiple times, from two times to a million times or more.

Google’s “Do a Barrel Roll” feature quickly became a popular search term and trended globally on Twitter. It’s still enjoyed by millions, though it no longer trends on Twitter.

Do A Barrel Roll x10 Times

This effect happens only when you search “do a barrel roll” on Google. Searching anything else will display normal results.

To modify this, visit This website allows you to replace the search engine logo with your name or anything else.

On this site, all search results spin. The page spins faster than Google, completing a rotation in just one second.

At, the results page spins with each search. You can repeat the spinning effect multiple times and as often as you like, even to very high numbers.