Is Fall Guys Crossplatform?

By Alex╺

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a widely-played multiplayer video game crafted by Mediatonic and distributed by Devolver Digital, has skyrocketed in popularity since its launch in August 2020. 

It has garnered a large and devoted fan base, making waves in the gaming community. A pivotal factor contributing to its success is its implementation of cross-play functionality, enabling gamers to connect and play across various platforms seamlessly. 

This article delves into the advantages and influence of Fall Guys cross-play in uniting gamers across different platforms.

Is Fall Guys Crossplay?

Fall Guys has shattered platform barriers, embracing full cross-play functionality. Whether battling fellow Fall Guys on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PC, you can now squad up with friends and conquer the wacky obstacle courses together. 

This free-to-play game requires you to link your Epic Games account, opening the door to a more unified and chaotic Fall Guys experience. So, grab your friends, choose your platform, and prepare to stumble towards victory (or glorious failure) in the Blunderdome!

Does Fall Guys Support Crossplay

Crossplay is automatically enabled to play Fall Guys with your friends. However, you must ensure you’ve added your friends to your Epic Games Friends List. If you’re new to Fall Guys, you must either create an account or log in to your Epic Games account.

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How to add friends and engage in cross-platform play in Fall Guys?

Enabling Crossplay:

  1. Head to the Main Menu and navigate to “Settings,” followed by “Options.”
  2. Within “Gameplay” options, locate “Cross-Platform Matchmaking” and ensure it’s switched to “On.” Remember to save the changes.

Party Up with Epic Games Friends:

  1. Launch Fall Guys. You’ll likely be prompted to create or log in to your Epic Games account.
  2. Use the designated button to open the party menu (varies by platform):
    • PlayStation: Touchpad
    • Xbox: View button
    • Switch: Minus button
    • PC: Shift + F3
  3. Choose a slot to invite a friend. This will show your Epic Games friends list, not your console’s.
  4. If they still need to be added to your Epic Games friends list, use the search bar to find them and send a friend request.
  5. Once added, click the “Invite” button next to their name to bring them into your game.
  6. Wait for them to join, and prepare to battle for the crown!

Cross-progression in Fall Guys: How it functions?

Fall Guys provides a cross-progression function that syncs your in-game progress with your Epic Games account. Consequently, any items you obtain in the game will seamlessly transfer to your Epic account.

Moreover, your statistics and unlocked content are all linked to your account, ensuring that your advancement in the game, including victories and accomplishments, is recorded and preserved.

Does Fall Guys Support Crossplay

Monitoring your progress is a simple procedure that involves logging into your Epic Games account, which you likely set up when initially adding your friends.

Is Split Screen Mode available in Fall Guys?

While Fall Guys is widely regarded as an excellent in-person party game, it lacks split-screen multiplayer functionality. If split-screen capability were to be introduced, Fall Guys could elevate itself to an outstanding party game akin to popular Nintendo titles like Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros.

Nonetheless, the absence of split-screen in Fall Guys is mitigated by its free availability on all consoles and comprehensive cross-play support. 

Despite the inability to play simultaneously, Fall Guys remains enjoyable to play with friends as everyone can still support and encourage each other.

Fall Guys is an exhilarating game accessible to players across various platforms. Thanks to its comprehensive cross-play support, gamers can effortlessly join their friends on different platforms and immerse themselves in the chaotic world of Fall Guys together. 

While split-screen support is currently absent, this should be fine with the enjoyment and thrill of the game.