Is Gotham Knights Crossplay? [Co-op on PC, PS, & Xbox]

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Is Batman Arkhamk Nights Cross platform

In Gotham Knights, you can embark on adventures as members of the Bat-family. Since it’s a co-op game, you might wonder if it supports crossplay.

Here’s what we know: the game allows you to team up with friends to explore Gotham City and battle villains together. 

Is Gotham Knights Crossplay?

Gotham Knights does not support cross-platform play, so you can only team up with Gotham Knights live players on the same gaming platform. This means PlayStation users can’t play with Xbox or PC players and vice versa.

Gotham Knights revamps the traditional Batman gameplay by allowing players to assume the roles of Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin. Players have the freedom to choose and switch among these four heroes throughout the game. 

Additionally, the entire campaign supports cooperative play, meaning you can team up with a friend to tackle challenges together. Each character brings unique abilities and styles to the game, enhancing the dynamic of team strategies and interactions. 

This new approach adds depth and a fresh perspective to the Batman universe.

Can You Play Gotham Knights with Friends on Different Platforms?

Yes, Gotham Knights has crossplay, but it’s only available between Xbox and PC.

The game didn’t have this feature at launch. It was added in an update on September 27, 2023. Now, players on Xbox Series S/X and PC can play together.

This guide has the answer you need. Unfortunately, PlayStation enthusiasts won’t find this feature available on the PS5, and there’s no indication that it will be introduced in the near future. 

This limitation disappoints many gamers who were hoping for more flexibility and cross-platform interaction. As it stands, they will have to wait longer for any potential updates that might include this feature. 

Until then, users are encouraged to explore other options that might cater to their gaming needs.

Is Batman Arkhamk Nights Cross platform

Understanding Co-op Play in Gotham Knights

The game’s FAQ states that players can join one other player online in Gotham Knights.  Couch co-op is not supported.

Console players need a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass membership to play with friends.

A free multiplayer co-op mode named “Heroic Assault” was launched on November 29, 2022. It lets up to four players team up and play together.