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EDPI Calculator

eDPI, or “Effective Dots per Inch,” measures mouse sensitivity, independent of hardware or software. It serves two key purposes:

  • It lets you accurately test settings from friends or professionals, so you can experience their game sensitivity without needing the same equipment.
  • It ensures a consistent feel across different games, minimizing the need to readjust your muscle memory.

Exploring the Sensitivity Measurement Tool

Calculating eDPI is straightforward but can be tricky due to different games having varied sensitivity settings. Here’s the core formula that applies to any game:

eDPI = DPI x In-game Sensitivity

For example, if you play Valorant with 800 DPI and an in-game sensitivity of 0.27, your eDPI will be 216 (800 x 0.27). This formula works for games like Valorant and Counter Strike 2 that use decimal or whole number sensitivity.

However, games like Fortnite use a percentage-based sensitivity system. So, with 800 DPI and an in-game sensitivity of 10%, the eDPI would be 80 (800 x 0.1).

The differences in how games define sensitivity can be confusing, but the formula remains consistent. Examples further down explain this in detail.

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How to Operate the Sensitivity Converter

To determine your eDPI, follow these steps:

  1. Check Game Sensitivity Type: First, check your game’s settings to see if it uses whole numbers, decimals, or percentage-based sensitivity. Valorant and Counter Strike 2 use whole numbers or decimals, while Fortnite uses percentages.
  2. Find Mouse DPI: Next, identify your mouse’s DPI. Most gaming mice have software, like iCUE for CORSAIR, that allows you to adjust the DPI. Cheaper mice may have a fixed DPI listed in the documentation or a button underneath that cycles through preset options.
  3. Calculate eDPI: Finally, enter your in-game sensitivity and mouse DPI into the calculator below. It will automatically compute your eDPI.


What is Mouse DPI?

Your mouse’s DPI, or Dots Per Inch, affects how finely it detects movement. Depending on your game, you may prefer switching between high and low DPI settings, each with its own advantages and drawbacks.

Could you compare the eDPI settings across different games?

Your eDPI is calculated by multiplying your mouse DPI with your in-game sensitivity. This varies between games, but using eDPI can help maintain consistency across different games. It’s particularly useful for comparing settings with friends or professional players in the same game.

Where can I locate eDPI calculators tailored for certain games?

Here are eDPI calculators for different games:

  • Calculate eDPI for Apex Legends
  • Determine eDPI for VALORANT
  • Calculate eDPI for Fortnite
  • Calculate eDPI for Overwatch 2
  • Calculate eDPI for Counter Strike 2

How does eDPI affect gameplay?

Higher eDPI values result in faster mouse movements, while lower values provide more precision at the cost of speed.

Where can I find my DPI and sensitivity settings?

These settings are typically found in your game’s options menu or in the software provided by your mouse manufacturer.

Can eDPI settings improve my gaming performance?

Adjusting eDPI to suit your play style can enhance accuracy and responsiveness, potentially improving overall performance in games.

Is the eDPI Calculator free to use?

Yes, the eDPI Calculator is free and accessible online for gamers looking to optimize their mouse settings.

How often should I adjust my eDPI settings?

It depends on personal preference and game updates. Players may tweak eDPI settings regularly to adapt to new gameplay scenarios or patches.