Elden Ring Areas by Level: Master the Ultimate Progression Route

Discover the ideal “Elden Ring areas by level” guide to optimize your progression through the game’s diverse regions, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the Elden Ring areas by level to help you navigate the game with ease. This guide is designed for both novice and experienced players, providing detailed information on the optimal progression route, boss orders, and recommended levels for each area. Let’s dive in!

Introduction to Elden Ring Areas

Elden Ring is a vast open-world game with diverse regions to explore, each with its unique challenges and boss encounters. Knowing the optimal route and the recommended level for each area is crucial for a smooth gaming experience. In this guide, we will cover the Elden Ring areas by level, providing you with the necessary information to progress through the game efficiently.

Weeping Peninsula (Level 1-20)

The Weeping Peninsula is the starting area for Elden Ring, and it is recommended for players between levels 1 and 20. As you venture through this region, you will encounter various enemies and challenging boss battles. Be sure to explore the area thoroughly and level up your character before moving on to more difficult regions.

Stormveil (Level 20-30)

Stormveil is the next area in the recommended progression route, suitable for players between levels 20 and 30. As you advance through Stormveil, you’ll face tougher enemies and bosses, so make sure you’re adequately prepared for the challenges ahead.

Rya Lucaria (Level 30-40)

The mystical region of Rya Lucaria awaits players who have reached levels 30 to 40. This enchanting area is filled with powerful adversaries and thrilling boss encounters. Equip yourself with the necessary gear and abilities to conquer Rya Lucaria’s challenges.

Redmane (Level 40-50)

Redmane is a treacherous area suitable for players between levels 40 and 50. As you progress through this region, you’ll face increasingly difficult enemies and boss fights. Prepare yourself for battle by upgrading your gear, abilities, and tactics.

Leyndell (Level 50-70)

Leyndell is a challenging region recommended for players between levels 50 and 70. Brimming with powerful foes and epic boss battles, Leyndell will test your skills and perseverance. Make sure to level up your character and gear accordingly before diving into this intense area.

Liurnia of the Lakes (Level 70-80)

Liurnia of the Lakes is a serene yet dangerous region, suitable for players between levels 70 and 80. Traverse the tranquil lakes and face menacing enemies lurking in the shadows. Be prepared for the challenges that await by upgrading your equipment and honing your skills.

Mt. Gelmir (Level 80-90)

Mt. Gelmir is a breathtakingly beautiful but perilous region, recommended for players between levels 80 and 90. Scale the towering mountain and face the powerful enemies that reside there. Ensure that your character is well-equipped and your tactics refined before tackling Mt. Gelmir’s challenges.

Caelid (Level 90-100)

Caelid is a dark and mysterious region, suitable for players between levels 90 and 100. As you venture through the shadowy forests, you’ll encounter formidable adversaries and intense boss fights. Brace yourself for battle by upgrading your gear and abilities to their maximum potential.

Altus Plateau (Level 100+)

The Altus Plateau is the final region in the recommended progression route, suitable for players level 100 and beyond. Prepare for the most challenging battles of your Elden Ring journey as you confront the ultimate bosses and enemies that await you in this climactic area.


Elden Ring offers a vast and immersive world filled with various regions for players to explore. By following the recommended progression route and maintaining your character’s level and abilities within the suggested ranges, you can enjoy a balanced and challenging gaming experience. Good luck on your Elden Ring journey, and may you emerge victorious in your battles!


What is the recommended level for each area in Elden Ring?

Each area in Elden Ring has a suggested level range to help guide players. The recommended levels are as follows:

  1. Weeping Peninsula: 1-20
  2. Stormveil: 20-30
  3. Rya Lucaria: 30-40
  4. Redmane: 40-50
  5. Leyndell: 50-70
  6. Liurnia of the Lakes: 70-80
  7. Mt. Gelmir: 80-90
  8. Caelid: 90-100
  9. Altus Plateau: 100+

How do I know if I’m ready to move on to the next area in Elden Ring?

Monitor your character’s level, gear, and abilities to determine if you’re prepared to progress to the next area. It’s essential to ensure that you’re within the recommended level range and have sufficiently upgraded your equipment and abilities to tackle the challenges ahead.

What is the best route to progress through Elden Ring?

The optimal progression route for Elden Ring areas by level is as follows: Weeping Peninsula, Stormveil, Rya Lucaria, Redmane, Leyndell, Liurnia of the Lakes, Mt. Gelmir, Caelid, and finally Altus Plateau. Following this route allows you to explore each area when your character is within the recommended level range, ensuring a balanced and challenging gameplay experience.

Can I explore Elden Ring areas by level out of order?

While it is possible to explore Elden Ring areas out of the recommended order, doing so may result in encountering enemies and bosses that are too difficult for your character’s current level and abilities. Following the recommended progression route helps maintain a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience.

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