Elden Ring Is The Most Quit (And Completed) Game Of 2022

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Elden Ring was one of the highest-rated open-world action-RPG games and the most quit (and completed) game of 2022.

In 2022, Elden Ring significantly impacted the mainstream market in a way that hadn’t been seen before. Thus, many people began to play and complete the game; actually, one body of information determined that it was the most completed title in 2022. Yet, surprisingly, this source also found that players were more likely to leave before concluding than in any other game.

If you read gaming reviews in 2022, the chance is that you already understand Elden Ring, the most current game developed by the creators of Dark Souls, FromSoftware. This hard-as-nails action role-playing game heavily emphasizes suspenseful stories, world-building, and boss fights, much like Bloodborne and Dark Souls.

Elden Ring Is The Most Quit (And Completed) Game Of 2022

FromSoftware has stepped it up by incorporating a vast open world into its famous “Soulslike” formula. It made it easy for people to complete the game and led to positive reviews from casual and hardcore gamers.

This strategy made the title one of the best-selling games of 2022. In addition, an open world gave players more options for approaching each area of the game and avoiding complex parts if they weren’t yet ready.

From HowLongToBeat’s data, Elden Ring has been completed by most users in 2022, totaling around 6,000 individuals who reported playing and finishing the expansive open-world RPG. However, the next two games are not even close to having this number of completions: Stray (the cute cyberpunk cat game), with 4,000 completions, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus (created by Game Freak and Nintendo for Switch), with 2,500 players stating they finished it.

For such an intricate game to claim the first place is evidence that Elden Ring is genuinely good – as well as hinting at what type of audience primarily uses the website.

However, what is more interesting is that the game is also the most “retired” game. When players “retire” from a play on Howlongtobeat.com, they have given up on it either temporarily or permanently. So, even though only 261 participants officially resigned from the game on the website, this is still more than twice any other game in 2022.

Elden Ring was the most talked-about game of 2022, and, with all those players, it would seem legitimate that quite a few of them may abandon it. But, unfortunately, other evidence shows that over half of the people playing Elden Ring never concluded.

Interesting data from the website reveals that the game is the most delayed, reviewed, and the longest match of 2022. Moreover, The Last Of Us Part 1 by Naughty Dog got the highest ratings, while Diablo Immortal had the lowest reviews.

Elden Ring Peaked In Player Count

Elden Ring Peaked In Player Count

Perched atop PlayerCounter’s most-played games for the year was the Elden Ring player count. This tremendously popular game held its position at the summit of March 2022 and has remained close to the peak ever since, particularly regarding single-player activities.

Gaining insight into how many players have retired from the game is difficult due to a decrease in data, but I wouldn’t be startled if that number was high, given the challenging nature of FromSoftware games. To determine if I could overpower Godrick, I attempted playing Elden Ring with my friend’s account; however, after flicking off after two hours, we ultimately conceded defeat.

The game also achieved the titles of Most Backlogged, Most Reviews, and Longest Games on HowLongToBeat, giving it the number one spot in five of the ten categories on the website. Therefore, one cannot deny that Elden Ring is far from forgettable.