Unlock the Secrets of Elden Ring Larval Tear: Complete Locations Guide & More!

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Discover the power of the Elden Ring Larval Tear as we dive into its locations, usage, and tips to make the most out of this enigmatic item. With our comprehensive guide, you’ll conquer Elden Ring like never before!

1. What is an Elden Ring Larval Tear?

In Elden Ring, a Larval Tear is a consumable item that grants players the ability to respec their character’s attributes or stats. This allows you to experiment with different builds and adjust your playstyle without starting a new game.

2. Elden Ring Larval Tear Locations

In this section, we’ll uncover the locations where you can find Larval Tears in Elden Ring. With 18 Larval Tears to be discovered, our guide will help you find them all and maximize your respec opportunities.

a. Limgrave


Limgrave is home to several Larval Tears in areas such as Agheel Lake South, Village of the Albinaurics, and the Siofra River Well.

Agheel Lake South Larval Tear: Found on a corpse near a collapsed tower.

Village of the Albinaurics Larval Tear: Located in a chest.

Siofra River Well Larval Tear: Inside a well, reachable by a ladder.

b. Caelid


Caelid is another region containing Larval Tears, with locations including the Rose Church and a hidden area near Caria Manor.

Rose Church Larval Tear: Inside a chest guarded by a powerful enemy.

Behind Caria Manor Larval Tear: Hidden behind the manor, accessible through a secret passage.

c. Liurnia of the Lakes

Liurnia of the Lakes

In Liurnia of the Lakes, Larval Tears are scattered throughout the northern and southern regions.

Liurnia North Larval Tear: At the base of a large tree, on a corpse.

Liurnia South Larval Tear: Near a group of enemies, on a corpse.

d. Altus Plateau

Altus Plateau

Discover Larval Tears in various locations across the Altus Plateau.

Altus Plateau Larval Tear #1: Found in a chest within a cave.

Altus Plateau Larval Tear #2: On a corpse near a large, broken bridge.

e. Siofra River

Siofra River

Siofra River holds another Larval Tear, hidden away in a secret spot.

Siofra River Larval Tear: Found within a hidden cave, reachable by a secret path.

f. Nokron, Eternal City

Nokron, Eternal City


Nokron, Eternal City hosts several Larval Tears, waiting for you to find them.

Nokron Eternal City Larval Tear #1: Inside a chest guarded by a powerful enemy.

Nokron Eternal City Larval Tear #2: Found on a corpse near a giant, broken statue.

g. Nokstella, Eternal City
Nokstella, Eternal City

Nokstella, Eternal City also contains a few Larval Tears to discover.

Nokstella Eternal City Larval Tear: Inside a chest, hidden behind a secret wall.

h. Underground Locations


Several Larval Tears can be found in various underground locations throughout the game.

Underground Larval Tear #1: In a chest within a hidden tunnel.

Underground Larval Tear #2: On a corpse near an underground lake.

i. Purchasable Larval Tears

Purchasable Larval Tears

In addition to finding Larval Tears worldwide, you can purchase them from specific merchants.

Abandoned Merchant Larval Tear: Sold by the Abandoned Merchant for a certain amount of runes.

3. How to Respect in Elden Ring

To respect in Elden Ring, you must use a Larval Tear at Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. She will grant you the ability to redistribute your attribute points, allowing you to experiment with different builds and strategies.

4. Conclusion

Elden Ring Larval Tears are essential for players experimenting with different character builds and playstyles. By using this comprehensive guide, you can find all 18 Larval Tear locations and use them to respec your character. So, collect these valuable items to make the most of your Elden Ring experience.

5. Elden Ring Larval Tear FAQs

How many Larval Tears are there in Elden Ring?

There are 18 Larval Tears in Elden Ring, found in various locations throughout the game world or purchased from specific merchants.

Can Larval Tears be Farmed in Elden Ring?

Larval Tears cannot be farmed traditionally, as they have fixed locations and are limited in number. However, you can obtain additional Larval Tears by progressing to New Game+.

What is the purpose of Larval Tears in Elden Ring?

Larval Tears are used to respec your character, allowing you to redistribute your attribute points and experiment with different builds and playstyles.

Do I lose my Larval Tears when starting a New Game+ in Elden Ring?

No, you will retain all your Larval Tears and other items when starting a New Game+ in Elden Ring. This allows you to continue collecting and using Larval Tears throughout multiple playthroughs.