Esport World Cup 2024 With the Greatest Prize Fund is Approaching

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The organizers of the Esports World Cup have finally announced the prize fund of their tournament and the principles of its distribution.

The EWC2024 prize pool will not only be the largest prize fund in the history of eSports but also the most important for eSports clubs, because, for the first time, they will have a chance to earn more from the prize money than eSports players.

GGBet eSports will be also following this tournament and allow its clients to bet either preliminary or in a live mode. All the bettors will be pleased.

In mid-July, Arab sheiks will draw 60 million dollars in 19 disciplines. Half of this amount will go to the winners in these disciplines, and another 30 million dollars will go to club awards!

For the first time, the organizers will create a team rating similar to the medal tally of the Olympic Games, where clubs will earn points for each achievement of their e-players.

Esport World Cup 2024 With the Greatest Prize Fund is Approaching

What Will Change?

The prize money will be distributed among the best clubs according to the sum of points. Such a system has already encouraged many clubs to open divisions in games where they were not previously represented.

For example, NAVI signed Starcraft, G2 signed a Dota2 squad, and Gamin Gladiators signed a CS2 squad. Millions of dollars to clubs is a significant change in “game rules.”

Finally, the clubs will be able to earn not less, but even more, from the prize money than the players of these clubs, who are used to taking 75-95% of the winnings. 7.6 million dollars will be drawn at the qualifying tournament stage, and 1.1 million dollars will go to MVPs in various disciplines.

It must be stated that the powerful announcements of the EWC2024 organizers are gradually turning this tournament into the main tournament of the year in general and, most importantly, in many disciplines.

The competition obviously changes the ecosystem of modern eSports and opens up new horizons that clubs had never dreamed of before.

Tickets are already available

Tickets for the Esports World Cup tournaments, which the Arab sheiks will hold this summer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, have gone on sale. Unlike tickets released for sale at The International, the cost of tickets is purely symbolic. It ranges from 3 to 5 dollars.

The tournament that will take place soon will feature the entire world of eSports beauty, so it is likely to become the largest multi-tournament in the history of eSports.

Esport World Cup 2024 With the Greatest Prize Fund is Approaching

World Brands Represented on the Tournament

The organizers of the Esports World Cup announced a high-profile partnership. Adidas, the leader of the sports industry, will become a new partner of the mega-tournament. The company will be the official merch partner of the competition and will sew uniforms for all tournament participants.

However, the notice states that clubs will still be able to place their own partners on the kit without any restrictions. Also, a little earlier, the organizers of the tournament concluded an agreement with Nestlé’s KitKat brand and Bayes Esports, a data processing company in the field of eSports. 

None of the big eSports clubs refused to participate in the Esports World Cup, and big brands continue to sign partnership agreements with the tournament.

Despite several cases of human rights violations associated with the tournament’s venue, interest in the tournament has not decreased. All the eSports teams are willing to participate in this great tournament. Winning there will bring the winner eternal fame. 

Clubs that are ready for participation

Esports Charts has counted how many organizations have signed new squads to participate in various tournaments at the Esports World Cup 2024. The Falcons have the most rosters – 10, and NAVI have opened divisions from only two new disciplines.

The teams from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Fortnite and Apex Legends became the most popular. Also, clubs began to enter into partnerships with Asian organizations often in order to have joint teams. Such actions had a positive effect on the indicators of the clubs’ audience.

The tournament is the most exciting event for game lovers and active bettors who are ready to bet with the best bookmakers on the market.