Discover the Ultimate Fallout 4 Best Companion: A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Choose

Are you searching for the perfect partner in your Fallout 4 adventures? Look no further! This in-depth article will cover the Fallout 4 best companion options and provide insights into their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Follow our guide, and you’ll find the ideal companion to accompany you in the Commonwealth!

Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine is a synth detective with a snarky sense of humor and a mysterious past. His detective abilities make him excellent at hacking terminals, and he’s skilled in combat as well. He’s a well-rounded companion with an intriguing storyline.


Dogmeat is a loyal and lovable canine companion. He is skilled at finding items and can track enemies with ease. The best part? Dogmeat doesn’t count as a companion for the Lone Wanderer perk, meaning you can have him by your side without any penalties.


Cait is a tough, Irish-accented fighter with a troubled past. Her skills in combat, particularly with melee weapons, make her a formidable ally. As you progress through her personal quest, she can overcome her addiction to chems, making her an even more valuable companion.


Codsworth is your trusty pre-war Mr. Handy robot with a witty personality. Although he may not be the strongest in combat, his ability to craft and cook makes him a valuable asset to have around.


Piper is a passionate journalist with a strong sense of justice. Her investigative skills and knowledge of the Commonwealth make her an ideal partner. She’s also handy with a firearm, providing ample support in battles.

Paladin Danse

Paladin Danse is a dedicated soldier and a member of the Brotherhood of Steel. He’s a skilled fighter with a strong sense of duty, making him an excellent companion for players who align with the Brotherhood. His storyline also offers an unexpected twist, adding depth to his character.


Deacon is a master of disguise and a key member of the Railroad faction. His stealth skills and espionage knowledge make him a valuable asset in sneaking missions. However, his tendency to change appearances can be confusing at times.


Curie is a sweet and curious Miss Nanny robot turned synth. Her background in scientific research makes her an expert in healing and providing support. Once transferred to a synth body, she becomes even more powerful in combat and a valuable companion.


MacCready is a mercenary and former mayor of Little Lamplight from Fallout 3. He’s a skilled sharpshooter, making him an ideal companion for long-range combat. His personal quest reveals a tragic past, which adds depth to his character.


Hancock is a ghoul with a heart of gold and a unique sense of justice. His combat skills, particularly with firearms, make him a potent ally in the Commonwealth. Despite his intimidating appearance, Hancock is a loyal and protective companion.


Strong is a super mutant with immense physical strength, making him a powerful companion in battle. However, his intelligence is limited, and he can be challenging to manage due to his aggressive nature and disdain for stealth tactics.


X6-88 is an Institute Courser, a synth designed for combat and retrieval missions. He excels in stealth and combat, but his allegiance to the Institute may be a turnoff for some players. He’s best suited for those who align with the Institute’s goals.

Old Longfellow

Old Longfellow is a grizzled, experienced hunter living on the Island of Far Harbor. His knowledge of the terrain and ability to survive in harsh conditions make him an invaluable ally. He’s also a capable fighter, providing support in battles.

Preston Garvey

Preston Garvey is the leader of the Minutemen, a faction dedicated to helping the people of the Commonwealth. While he is a skilled fighter and a compassionate ally, his constant requests for assistance can become tiresome for some players.


Ada is a highly customizable robot companion introduced in the Automatron DLC. She can be upgraded with various weapons and abilities, allowing you to tailor her to your play style. Her versatility makes her a valuable companion in the Commonwealth.

Porter Gage

Porter Gage is a ruthless raider and your right-hand man in the Nuka-World DLC. His combat prowess and knowledge of the raider lifestyle make him a valuable asset for players who choose to embrace the dark side of the Commonwealth.


In conclusion, Fallout 4 offers a diverse cast of companions for players to choose from, each with unique abilities, personalities, and stories. Whether you prefer a stealthy sniper like MacCready, a dependable dog like Dogmeat, or a charismatic journalist like Piper, there’s a companion to suit every playstyle. No matter who you choose, remember to consider their strengths and weaknesses to create a dynamic and formidable team as you navigate the treacherous landscape of the Commonwealth.


How do I recruit a companion in Fallout 4?

To recruit a companion in Fallout 4, you’ll need to encounter them during your journey through the Commonwealth. Some companions can be found as part of story missions, while others can be discovered while exploring the wasteland. Once you’ve met a potential companion, you’ll often need to complete a quest or engage in dialogue to gain their trust before they agree to join you.

Can I have multiple companions in Fallout 4?

While you can recruit multiple companions throughout the game, you can only have one active companion at a time. If you wish to switch companions, you’ll need to dismiss your current companion and select a new one.

Can companions die in Fallout 4?

Companions in Fallout 4 cannot die in the standard game mode. However, they can be incapacitated during combat, requiring you to use a stimpak to revive them. If you’re playing in Survival Mode, your companions can be permanently killed if they are not revived in time.

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