FIFA 17 Server Status – Is FIFA 17 Down?

What is the current FIFA 17 Server Status? Check the latest FIFA 17 server outages and problems here. Read on!


How to Check FIFA 17 Server Status?

Unfortunately, the online servers for FIFA 17 were shut down by Electronic Arts (EA) on September 30th, 2020. This means you can no longer access features like seasons, online friendlies, or online tournaments within the game.

Is FIFA 17 Down?

FIFA 17 is permanently down in the sense that the online servers have been shut down by Electronic Arts (EA) on September 30th, 2020. This means you cannot access features like seasons, online friendlies, or online tournaments.

FIFA 17 Down

How to Change FIFA 17 Server?

It’s not possible to change servers in FIFA 17 anymore because the online servers for the game were shut down by Electronic Arts (EA) on September 30th, 2020. This means features like online seasons, friendlies, or tournaments are no longer available.

Common FIFA 17 Server Issues

Players may encounter various server-related issues in FIFA 17, including connection problems, login issues, and gameplay disruptions. These problems can stem from slow internet speeds, network congestion, or server-side complications.

Players are encouraged to check their internet connection and configure their network settings to mitigate these issues for optimal performance.

EA occasionally releases updates and patches to address known problems, so keeping the game current is crucial. Additionally, contacting EA’s customer support can provide personalized assistance and troubleshooting tips for unresolved issues.

Common FIFA 17 Server Issues


Staying informed about the FIFA 17 server status is essential for a seamless gaming experience. By regularly checking the official EA server status page, utilizing community resources, and following best practices for network connectivity, players can enjoy FIFA 17 with minimal disruptions.

While EA strives to maintain high server availability, occasional outages are inevitable due to maintenance and unforeseen technical issues. Patience and proactive troubleshooting can significantly enhance your FIFA 17 gameplay experience.


How can I check if FIFA 17 servers are down?

Visit the official EA FIFA 17 server status page or check community forums and social media for real-time updates.

What should I do if I’m experiencing connection issues with FIFA 17?

Ensure your internet connection is stable, restart your router, and check for game updates or patches that may resolve the issue.

Can I change my FIFA 17 server to improve connection quality?

You can change your server through the game’s settings menu under the “Connection” options to find a better server based on your location.

Are there specific times when FIFA 17 servers are more likely to be down?

Server maintenance often occurs during off-peak hours, but unexpected outages can happen anytime. Check EA’s official communications for scheduled maintenance times.

What are the common server issues in FIFA 17?

Common issues include connection problems, login difficulties, and in-game lag or disruptions, which can often be mitigated by troubleshooting your network or contacting EA support.