Fifa24 release date: When Can You Start Playing?

Fifa24 Release Date

All You Need to Know About the FIFA 24 Game.

EA Sports FC 24, which follows FIFA 24, is creating excitement among soccer enthusiasts around the world since it’s the first EA soccer game to drop the famous “FIFA” title.

EA FC 24 will be released in September. Here are the key details you need to know about EA’s most-awaited game of the year.

When was FIFA 24 released?

FIFA 24 was launched on September 29, 2023.

Players who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition got early access starting September 22, 2023. This matched up with the EA Play launch, where players could try the game for 10 hours before its full release.

FIFA 24 Standard Edition 

The regular version of FIFA 24 costs $69.99. This price is the same for newer and older gaming systems. The regular version has all the normal features. It will come out on September 29th.

FIFA 24 is the newest game in the popular soccer series. Many fans are excited to play it. The game will likely have updated teams, players, and stadiums. Players can expect realistic graphics and fun gameplay. 

There may be new modes too. FIFA games let you manage and play as your favorite teams. Scoring goals and winning matches is very satisfying. Online play against friends is another big draw. 

FIFA is one of the most popular sports game franchises. The regular edition should provide many hours of entertainment for soccer fans.

FIFA 24 Ultimate Edition 

The most expensive version of FIFA 24 costs $99.99. It is called the Ultimate Edition. It comes with some extra bonuses and rewards.

One special thing about the Ultimate Edition is that you can play the game early. You can start playing on September 22nd. That’s a full week before the regular release date.

If you buy the Ultimate Edition, you will get some bonus items. These include a special card for Ultimate Team mode featuring a star female player. You also get 4600 FC Points to spend in the game. Another bonus is a pack of the best players of the first week.

Which Platforms is FC 24 Available on?

You can play FIFA 24 on many different gaming systems. These include PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Each system has its own page for the game. You can find these pages on the PlayStation, Xbox, EA, Steam, Epic Games, and Nintendo websites.

Cover star for EA Sports FC 24

The player on the cover of FIFA 24 is Erling Haaland. When FIFA 24 was announced, Haaland wore cool pajamas. You can see the cover below!

Erling Haaland is on the cover of FIFA 24.

The cover for the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 24 was shown on Twitter. It has famous players from now and the past. Some of these players are Ronaldinho, Pirlo, and young stars of today.

The cover of FIFA 24 Ultimate Edition.

Is FIFA 24 free?

No, FIFA 24 is not free. You have to buy the game to play it. But there is a way to play FIFA 24 before most people. 

If you pre-order the game, you can start playing early. This is called early access. It lets you play the game before the official release date.

The early access will probably start soon after they announce when the game comes out. If you pre-order, you also get some extra stuff in the game. This includes things like special packs for Ultimate Team mode.

What’s new in FIFA 24?

EA says FIFA 24 will be very similar to past FIFA games. This is true even though the name is different. You can expect to see the same modes, leagues, teams, and players you love.

Here are some of the most important features:

  • More than 19,000 players to choose from
  • Over 700 teams to play as
  • More than 100 stadiums to play in
  • For the first time, female players are in Ultimate Team mode

HyperMotion V Technology

HyperMotion is a new technology that makes the game feel more real. It uses data from over 180 big soccer matches. These include games from the Champions League, Premier League, and LaLiga. This data helps the game capture how real soccer looks and feels.

Fifa24 release date: When Can You Start Playing?


PlayStyles use real data to show how different each player is. This data is more than just a player’s overall rating. It copies the special skills each player has on the field. PlayStyles change how the game plays. This makes the game feel more real and personal to each player.

Frostbite Engine

FIFA 24 uses a better version of the Frostbite Engine. This makes the game look more like real life. The players and their uniforms look very detailed and realistic.

Ultimate Team: Evolutions

In Ultimate Team, you can now make your legendary players even better. This is called Evolutions. You do this by completing special tasks. Doing these tasks will improve your players’ skills, PlayStyles, ratings, and how they look.

Ultimate Team: Women’s Football

Ultimate Team now includes both male and female players. This means you can make your dream team with a mix of men and women. You can have them play together on the same field.

Player Career

In FIFA 24, you can be a soccer player. You have an agent to help you. There is also a new Personality system. It uses PlayStyles. These things let you make the career you want. You can also get better on the field.

Manager Career

In Manager Career, you are in charge of a team. You can control the team’s tactics more than before. You can hire coaches to help with your plans. There are new training features too. These help your team play their best in matches.