Fortnite Chapter 3 + Mr. Beast + Burgers

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Will the combination of Fortnite Chapter 3, the YouTube sensation Mr. Beast, and some burgers be epic gaming this holiday season?

In an event called Fracture, teased by Epic Games at the end of the Fortnite Champion Series held over the weekend. The fracture kicks off on December 3 at 9 pm GMT / 1 pm PST.

The season finale for Fortnite Battle Royal is coming up soon. It starts on December 3. Will Jimmy “Mr. Beast” Donaldson have been spotted wearing a new skin similar to Ninja’s skin?

Fortnite Chapter 3 + Mr. Beast + Burgers

Famous YouTuber, MrBeast, might be collaborating with Epic Games after some events were revealed, an upcoming MrBeast Burger crossover with Fortnite. After seeing MrBeast’s popularity, Epic decided to collaborate with them. This would be the most significant thing ever happening in the gaming industry.

Mr. Beast Fortnite Skins could be coming soon as fans wait for the famous YouTuber to join the Icon lineup. It is possible to anticipate his appearance in Fortnite so that he could align himself with the current Icon group consisting of Travis Scott, Ninja, Alia A, Bruno Mars, and Ali A.

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Mr. Beast + Fortnite Will Be Huge On YouTube.

Mr. Beast has amassed many followers on Youtube, and anything he does will trend. He also has a Gaming account, Mr. Beast Gaming, which he plays or collaborates with many games. Knowing that an Epic Game giant like Fortnite collab with Mr. Beast, something huge will happen.

Mr. Beast + Fortnite Will Be Huge On YouTube

This is not the first occasion where Mr. Beast has collaborated, or guest starred in a popular game title; he was previously involved in the World Championships of LoL 2022 in a panel, discussing his views on the finals and which team he’d want to win. So collaborating with a big game title isn’t so strange for someone who is one of the most significant influencers on Youtube.

At the Fortnite Championship, people could see a glimpse of a future Mr. Beast/Fortnite crossover, which soon made its way to social networks.

A leaked poster for a new burger called “MrBeastBurger” featured an image of a giant Mr. Beast Burger. It also had the words “Fortnite” written above it. This is bound to be huge when you combine Fortnite Chapter 3 with Mr. Beast and hamburgers.