Fortnite Update for June 13th

By Alex╺

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Fortnite Update for June 13th

In order to keep the game fresh and exciting, frequent updates of a game are essential. That also applies to Fortnite with the newest update of v30.10.

Many players cannot log into the game because of the server maintenance, and that is the result of the update. Today, we will discuss what this update is going to be about, and what you can expect from it.

The main attraction

The June 2024 update brings a collaboration with the hall of fame rock and roll star Metallica. What’s unique about this update is the immersive music experience that you can see in Fortnite’s Discovery Screen. The show will appear for thirty minutes each for 6 songs.

There is still no news confirming what songs will be playing. It is a secret for now. However, they are definitely the fan favorite songs that will enhance the experience of the gameplay. 

In addition to 6 songs, there are also six different showtimes within two days. The first one is on Saturday, June 22nd, 2024, at 2pm ET, 5pm ET, and 11pm ET. The other one is on Sunday, June 23rd, 2024, at 10am ET, 2 PM ET, and 5 PM ET.

You don’t have to worry if you are going to miss the starting moment. You can jump in anytime during the 30-minute window, and you can be part of the concert. Just choose a time that your party can agree on and enjoy the show. 

The battle stage

The PVP battle stage is a new experience that every player can enjoy as long as they don’t miss it. It is a battle among 16 players with only one person emerging victorious. This battle stage will be accompanied by Jamers, Lark, Kirk, and Robert, the Fortnite Festival Season 4. Apart from the battling, they obviously will perform too. If you want to progress, complete the season 4 festival pass. 

The festival pass offers free and premium rewards that you can get as you make progress. The free rewards include skins and weapons, and if you are a new player without skins, it is time to grind the festival pass to get some.

If you want to enjoy the hype fully, buying a premium reward track will give you Lars Ulrich Outfit in addition to James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo outfits. You also can enjoy the LEGO experience with their styles. 

Ride The Lightning

Metallica Loot Island will emerge from a hole in the sky. On top of this island is a stage inspired by M72 World Tour. Capture the hologram of James, Kirk, Lars and Robert on the Ride the Lightning platform and earn an emote after completing the Metallica Quests. Wait for this quest to appear starting from July 2, 2024.

By Riding the Lightning, you can earn Ringer Emotes, but you need to work hard. You have to be one of the top point earners in your region. Don’t think you can move to a different region of your choice. Once you select the region and play in it, there is no way you are eligible for the rewards.

The Racing Track

In this update, there is an additional track called Thrash Mountain. This looks like a hardcore track with flames and volcano, but it is designed for newbies. You can definitely get bronze easily. Go full speed with Metallica’s Fuel playing as the back sound. Since this is not a gacha game, you can get James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert in the shop until August 16th, 2024.

The recent update definitely brings some new exciting stuff to enjoy, especially with the virtual concert. Make sure you don’t miss the event especially if you like listening to rock music.

After completing the quest and progressing on the festival pass, you can get a nice amount of vbucks. Unfortunately, it will take some time before you make significant progress. In that case, you can try buying fortnite vbucks to get the currency instantaneously.