Four emerging games to play on your smartphone device in 2024 

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Four emerging games to play on your smartphone device in 2024 

For gaming audiences, there certainly isn’t a shortage of viable products to enjoy these days. Whether it’s a game like Fortnite on a console machine or an option like Minecraft on PC, the opportunities are endless. The same enticing options are also available on mobile, particularly as more and more new and improved releases enter this drastically enhanced area of gaming. 

With a new year firmly on the horizon, a selection of games are already showcasing their immense potential to shine even brighter in the months ahead. For smartphone gamers who enjoy the convenience of gaming on a miniature handheld device, there are a number of titles that are capable of recording notable success in 2024 and beyond. If you’re keen to explore some top titles for yourself, then below is a brief look at four emerging options to definitely focus on. 

The Last Game features wonderful pixel art 

Kicking things off with a game that isn’t free but is definitely worth the small investment, The Last Game boasts glorious pixel art that adds to the highly pleasurable gaming package that is already on offer through the game’s engaging features.

Taking charge of a miniature warrior, players have to overcome a series of incoming attacks, all while gathering coins and bombs, taking down a variety of dangerous bosses, and selecting keys to help you advance further through the game. This fast-paced favorite also requires a sufficient amount of skill, making it a release that could draw more gamers in as it inevitably receives more attention in the media. 

Dead Cells is a real challenge 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, then you’ll be fully aware of Netflix’s move into the gaming world with an array of mobile-friendly titles that can be accessed through the streaming giant’s slick and easy-to-use platform.

A title that is winning over many gamers at the moment is Dead Cells, a challenging 2D action platforming masterpiece that tasks players with building their character up as they attempt to see off formidable enemies and a fearsome boss at the end called The Hand of the King. Offering great graphics and serving up a stern test that will keep you firmly on your toes, Dead Cells is a superb release to play right now. 

Classic Mines is fun and easy to grasp 

While downloadable products tend to be a favored choice for many smartphone gamers, improved browser releases are also beginning to gather momentum, particularly when looking at the abundance of gaming sites that offer excellent gaming products these days. Classic Mines is fun and easy to grasp and is a title that many smartphone gamers should look at.

In the game, players must guess where the gems are placed without hitting the mine. It features engaging sounds and eye-catching graphics, and it represents a simple game to grasp that can be dipped in and out of with ease. 

Four emerging games to play on your smartphone device in 2024 

Finity is an excellent match-three puzzler

If taking down hordes of nasties and navigating your way through a series of challenging mine-filled areas doesn’t tickle your fancy, then a puzzle product might be the perfect solution. In Finity, a game that’s played on a 4×4 grid, gamers have to move various rows around in an attempt to form rows of a single color.

With plenty of levels to smash through and the difficulty level increasing the further you advance through the game, this entertaining release is well worth playing, although patience is required in this one, particularly as you aim to gain an understanding of Finity’s rather complex series of systems.