Gotham Knights Game Tips – And Is Crossplay Coming?

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There’s a lot to do in this title! Use these new Gotham Knights game tips and tricks to ensure you’re ready to fight. Plus, is crossplay coming as an option soon? Finally, don’t forget to check out the Gotham Knights live player count to see how many people are playing.

To help you get started playing, here are some PlayerCounter community tips for making sense of it all. At Gotham Knights’ beginning, you’ll be allowed to choose one of the four Batman Family members.

You may believe that choosing an individual means they’re locked off from others. However, that’s not the case. Even though the game makes it clear you can swap characters anytime you want by visiting the gang’s headquarters, The Belfry, it’s also briefly mentioned once again within the game’s database.

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Find The Outfits & Collectibles To Locate

In addition, behind the investigation bulletin boards and to the left of the exercise equipment are the four outfits lined up in open display cabinets. Interacting with them switches your hero. Every family member levels up at the moment, so you won’t miss out on any advancement.

You can bank rob, gang hideout, investigate homicides, steal cars, and so forth; just about every activity in the city grants you XPs and crafting material. But, of course, there are also lots of loot to find, collectibles to locate, and goons to take down (if you’re willing to pay them off). And, if you’ve got a taste for grinding the open world to progress the main storyline, you better start getting used to your regular nightly patrols of Gotham City early on.

Get Good At Perfect Hits

Find some hoodlums committing crimes in Gotham’s street and smash their heads with repeated clicks of the attack key. But should you want to do more harm while rapidly filling your momentum bar (which lets you perform unlockable characters’ special moves), then you’ll need good at perfect hits.

You can only learn how to hit perfectly by learning how to evade at the very last moment before an attacker’s blow lands on your head. Practice that, and you’ll get an excellent slow-motion dodge that leaves your foe wide open to a perfect, powerful attack. Now you can pound enemies into submission.

Gotham Knights Game Tips

Complete Tasks & Assignments

Since Gotham is constantly in danger, video games often throw out plenty of tasks and assignments to keep you busy completing them. For example, one of the very early tasks available involves being a knight, the prospect of taking on the role of Gotham’s defender after Batman’s death.

That sounds great, but you’ll want to complete the Knighthoodship tasks earlier for an entirely different reason: getting access to the unique transportation abilities of each Bat Family member!

It can get quite tedious, however, completing the timed strikes training task, stopping ten premeditated crimes, and defeating three minibosses with each team member. You also have to accomplish these tasks with each individual to unlock their Knighthoodship, so this is the only occasion where level progression won’t occur between members.

You’ll be able to use any of these methods to move between locations quickly. For example, if you’re playing as Robin, you might choose to use his cape gliding ability instead of using the Batcycle.

Craft New Items

To craft new items, you must visit The Belfry in the town of New Tristram. While there, you’ll find a variety of things to purchase. Most importantly, you’ll find a vendor who sells blueprints for new weapons and armor.

These blueprints require materials that are found throughout the world. Therefore, you’ll need to explore the world around you to get those materials. In addition, some items may take longer to gather than others, so plan!

When comparing ranged weapons, don’t just focus on how large the numbers are. Some guns may also be better than others because they have elemental effects that build up over time. So even if they aren’t perfect for every opponent, they’ll still deal more bonus points than weaker enemies.

Don’t wait until you run out of space to start clearing things out. Start now! It will help you stay organized and manage your inventory better.

Gotham Knights Tips

Unlock Faster Transportation

You’ll be able to access faster transportation by unlocking Fast Travel locations throughout Gotham City. After the Blackgate Prison Harley Quinn event, you’ll receive a notification from Lucius Fox about new technology, including one that allows instant transportation between districts.

Don’t forget to chase down drone cops to gain access to each district’s fast travel points. Doing so early on will save you time when patrolling later. And it’ll be easier if you’ve already got Nightwing’s gliding ability or another hero’s unique traversal ability activated.

Because items scale with your character’s levels, you’ll want to unlock them late in the game, so you get legendary and epic drops. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use them at first, so you’ll need to save up for better equipment.

Save These Gotham Knights Game Tips Without Losing Progress!

Gotham Knights’ bosses and city patrols can be enjoyed alone, but they’re far easier with another player. In addition to taking down enemies together, having someone else around also allows players to tackle challenges faster.

And the game doesn’t require players to start over after dying. These Gotham Knights game tips can be included in your adventure and even be enjoyed without worrying about losing progress.

Is Crossplay Coming To The Game?

The big question is whether or not Gotham Knights will introduce cross-play for multiple platforms. No, as of now, Gotham Knights is not crossplatform. You’ll be able to play Batman, Robin, or others with your friend on the same platform, and only if they use the same console (Xbox, PlayStation, or PC).

But, to take advantage of Co-op for now, during gameplay, press left on the D-pad to access the options menu where you can choose between different modes, including “photo” (which lets you take photos of yourself during play), emote icons (like the ones seen here), and an option for whether or not your matchmaking session is visible to everyone else. You can also set the game to be “invite-only,” meaning you’ll need to ask another player to join you before you can play together.

Let’s hope official crossplay support will eventually come to the game, though, so we can use these Gotham Knights game tips everywhere!

Gotham Knights Game Tips