High On Life Voice Actors Cast In Game

Learn why the High On Life voice actors cast in the game have made it the most popular title on Xbox GamePass and PC platforms.

One week into its release on PC and Xbox Game Pass, High On Life has become the most popular game with its wacky shooter style. It

High On Life was met with mixed reviews from critics after its release on December 13 via Game Pass, and it was pretty buggy at launch. However, some patches.

According to the “Most Popular” games list on the official Xbox website, High On Life is currently the most popular title at the time of this article.

Thus, on the one hand, this can be seen as an excellent opportunity for High On Life’s developers Squanch Games and Justin Roiland. But on the other hand, numerous people have been actively playing the new shooter across both Xbox and PC, which benefits all individuals (and AI algorithms) who have invested their time into the game.

It is pleasant to observe an original IP acquired successfully in a contemporary gaming world where seemingly everything comes in remakes, sequels, and reboots. However, on the other hand, this can also serve as a minor criticism of Game Pass’ current state and its failure to deliver recent first-party releases that are notably powerful.

The Full High On Life Voice Actors Cast List:

The Full High On Life Voice Actors Cast List

  • Justin Roiland – Kenny
  • J.B. Smoove – Gus
  • Laura Silverman – Lizzie
  • Betsy Sodaro – Sweezy
  • Tim Robinson – Creature
  • Michael Cusack – Knifey
  • David Herman – Gene
  • Abed Gheith – additional voices
  • Alex Robbins – other voices
  • Cassie Steele – other voices
  • Chris Romano – other voices
  • Derrick Beckles – different voices
  • Echo Kellum – different voices
  • Eden Sher – different voices
  • Eric Bauza – different voices
  • Gigi Edgley – other voices
  • Gregg Berger – other voices
  • Hal Lublin – other voices
  • James Urbaniak – other voices
  • Joel Haver – other voices
  • Jon Daly – other voices
  • Kari Wahlgren – other voices
  • Kevin McDonald – Dr. Giblets, other voices
  • Maria Bamford – other voices
  • Mary Mack – Jor
  • Maurice LaMarche – other voices
  • Mike Stoklasa – other voices
  • Rich Evans – other voices
  • Rich Fulcher – other voices
  • Rob Schrab – other voices
  • Ryan Ridley – other voices
  • Steve Agee – other voices
  • Thomas Middleditch – Ranchy
  • Trent Lenkarski – other voices
  • Vatche Panos – other voices
  • Wayne Pygram – other voices
  • Zach Hadel – other voices
  • Jay Bauman – other voices

The Full High On Life Voice Actors Cast List

As Sony and Nintendo generate big exclusives such as God of War and Pokémon, respectively, Microsoft has yet to produce similar marquee titles by 2022.

This year, Microsoft has only released one game with its internal studio, the narrative game Pentimento by Obsidian. Compare that to what Sony or Nintendo have released, and it isn’t remarkable, regardless of your opinion of the game.

In comparison, Xbox Game Studios introduced Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Psychonauts 2, and Age of Empires IV in 2021. Would High On Life do as well and be as popular on the Game Pass later this year with those competitive games? I don’t know.

That’s something I can’t observe in other dimensions. Nonetheless, I think being short on large titles from Xbox (and generally in 2021) has aided smaller and medium-sized entertainment programs like Evil West and High On Life to do better than usual.

This is advantageous in the long run. But how many of Game Pass‘ big subscribers will keep up with payments for the service if heavy hitters like Gears of War and Halo arrive somewhere else or cannot be found at all?