How Much Is 100 Subs On Twitch?

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How Much Is 100 Subs On Twitch

Subscribing to a Twitch channel is a great way to support your favorite streamers. With every subscription, the streamer earns money from Twitch and can add more custom emotes to their channel if they get enough subscribers.

If you subscribe, you can use their emotes however you like. If you’re already subscribed and want to keep supporting the streamer, you can give gifted subscriptions to other viewers in the community.

How Do Gifted Subs Work on Twitch?

Gifted subs on Twitch are subscriptions that one user can give to another, whether they’re a viewer or a streamer. These gifted subs offer the same features as regular subscriptions, allowing recipients to use emotes or participate in subscriber-only chats. They can be tier 1, tier 2, or tier 3 subscriptions.

You can buy a gifted sub for viewers or followers in the chat, or even for specific Twitch users. It’s possible to gift a sub to someone who has never visited the stream.

Gifted subs can be purchased whether the streamer is online or offline. Recipients of gifted subs will get a notification informing them they’ve received a subscription.

Purchasing Gifted Subs on Twitch: A Simple Tutorial

Navigate to the channel where you want to buy a Gifted Sub. On the right side, there’s a purple “Subscribe” button, or it might say “Continue Subscription” if you have subscribed before. Click the downward arrow on this button.

By selecting “Gift to a Specific Viewer,” you can choose the exact Twitch user to receive the subscription. You can gift to any Twitch user, even if they have never visited the channel.

Some users gift to well-known streamers like “Ninja” or “Sequisha” as a prank. If you don’t pick a specific user, the gifted sub will randomly go to someone in the community.

After deciding who will receive the gifted sub, select the number of subs you want to gift and the Tier level. Remember, higher Tier levels cost more but offer more exclusive channel emotes to the subscriber.

You need to decide how many gifted subs you want to give, ranging from 1 to 100. The limit for a single gift is 100 subs, but for tier 3 subs, you can only gift up to 40 at a time. If you want to gift more, you’ll need to do the process again.

If you want to gift a subscription to a specific user, you can choose to gift it for 1 to 12 months. This allows them to stay subscribed to a channel for up to a year.

When you’re ready, click “Gift a Subscription” to complete the process. You have now given someone a Twitch Subscription! For more information on gifting subs, you can check Twitch’s official guide.

How Do Streamers Benefit Financially from Gifted Subs?

Yes, streamers earn the same amount from a gifted sub as from a regular subscription to their channel. Typically, affiliate streamers get 50% of the subscription’s total cost.

For instance, a tier 1 sub costs $4.99, so the streamer would get about $2.50 from this gifted sub. Half of the money goes to Twitch, and the other half goes to the streamer. Partnered popular streamers may get more than 50% for subscriptions, depending on their agreement with Twitch.

Do Gifted Subscriptions Automatically Renew?

Gifted subs do not automatically renew. They are not ongoing charges that continue after they end. If you gift someone a 3-month sub, they will keep that subscription until it runs out after 3 months.

When it expires, you will not be charged again unless you choose to gift another subscription. There’s no need to be concerned about unexpected charges on your credit card!

How Can You Receive Gifted Subscriptions on Twitch?

There isn’t a guaranteed method to automatically get a gift subscription on Twitch, as it’s similar to expecting a gift from someone! Usually, it’s impolite to ask for a gifted sub, just like you wouldn’t ask a friend for a present. However, here are a few tips to boost your chances of getting a gifted sub.

1) Engage with Popular Channels

You’re more likely to get a gifted sub in a channel that’s moderately popular. In channels with tens of thousands of viewers, it’s less likely you’ll receive a random gifted sub due to the large number of viewers.

However, in channels with a few hundred viewers or fewer, your chances of getting a gifted sub are higher. It also helps if the channel has active viewers who frequently gift subs.

2) Tips for Active Participation and Support in Channels

This is the best tip I can offer for getting a gifted sub: Stay active in a Twitch channel, and it’s quite likely you’ll receive a gifted sub eventually. What does it mean to be supportive and active? It means engaging in chat in ways that fit the channel.

You contribute positively to the channel’s atmosphere without being annoying. If you become a “regular” in a channel, it’s common to get a gifted sub from either a viewer or the streamer themselves.

There are many channels I regularly watch and enjoy where I’ve gotten gifted subs month after month. Sometimes these subs are given randomly, and other times they are specifically given to me because someone recognizes me.

All this means—if you’re a supportive viewer, you have a better chance of receiving a gifted sub. It’s not guaranteed, but the chances are good.

How Expensive are 50 Gifted Subs?

A gifted tier 1 sub on Twitch is priced at $4.99. Buying 50 tier 1 subs costs $499, plus taxes. Fifty tier 2 subs cost $499.50, with extra taxes based on where you are.

How Much Is 100 Subs On Twitch

What is the Cost of 100 Gifted Subs?

A tier 1 gifted sub on Twitch costs $4.99. If you buy 100, it totals $499, plus taxes. Gifting 100 tier 2 subs amounts to $999, plus additional taxes depending on your location.

Gifting 40 tier 3 subs will cost $999.60. The most tier 3 subs you can gift at once is 40. If you want to give more, you must start the gifting process again.

Advantages of Gifted Subscriptions

As a viewer, subscribing lets you watch your favorite streamers without ads, use their emotes, and participate in sub-only chat.

Many streams display a leaderboard for gifted subs, highlighting top donors. These top donors often receive a special badge by their name on the leaderboard.

Receiving a gifted sub benefits the streamer as well. The streamer gains income and a viewer who feels more connected to the community.

Building a community is essential for a successful Twitch channel, and getting viewers to subscribe helps make them a part of that community. While subscribing isn’t necessary to feel included, it can enhance some viewers’ sense of belonging.