How Tall Is Scaramouche In Genshin Impact?

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How Tall Is Scaramouche

Once notorious as the sixth Fatui Harbinger, Scaramouche has become one of the most intriguing characters in Genshin Impact. Players can delve into a wealth of information about him, from his complex backstory to discovering his physical stature.

Scaramouche debuted during the Version 1.1 “Unreconciled Stars” event, immediately captivating the Genshin community with his enigmatic persona. 

Initially portrayed as a reckless and unpredictable figure aligned with the Cryo Archon Tsaritsa, he was the sixth among her eleven Fatui Harbingers.

Encounters with Scaramouche often began mysteriously, leaving players to unravel his intentions. 

Notably, in one instance, he appeared unexpectedly before the Hydro Astrologist Mona intervened, sensing his malevolent aura and swiftly guiding players to safety. 

Further revelations during the Inazuma Archon quest unveiled his role in sowing chaos and discord between the Watatsumi Army and the Shogunate in Inazuma.

Scaramouche’s journey escalated when he emerged as a major antagonist in Sumeru, confronting players in his formidable Shouki no Kami form at the Joururi Workshop. 

Here, he commanded a colossal mechanical beast, aspiring to ascend as an artificial god. However, his ambitions were thwarted by the Traveler and Nahida, the Dendro Archon, leading to his defeat and subsequent descent into a comatose state.

Despite his series of antagonistic actions, Scaramouche’s character in Genshin Impact reveals a tragic and complex backstory that sheds light on his motivations. 

Created by Ei, the Electro Archon of Inazuma, as a puppet intended to hold her Gnosis, Scaramouche’s journey took an unexpected turn when Ei deemed him unfit due to witnessing his tears, subsequently setting him free. This perceived rejection left him adrift, grappling with feelings of inadequacy and abandonment.

Scaramouche’s sense of loss deepened as he encountered further betrayals from those he trusted, fueling his growing bitterness and anger towards both gods and humanity. 

These experiences led him to join the ranks of the Fatui Harbingers, seeking solace and purpose in their cause.

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However, his path twisted when Scaramouche emerged from his comatose state to discover that Il Dottore, another Fatui Harbinger, had orchestrated many of his perceived betrayals. 

Driven by a newfound desire for revenge against Il Dottore, Scaramouche renounced his allegiance to the Fatui and allied with the Traveler. This transformation marked his rebirth as the “Wanderer,” a five-star Anemo Catalyst character available for players to recruit.

What is the height of Wanderer in Genshin Impact?

Scaramouche, now known as Wanderer, was redesigned to align with his new Anemo Vision and adjusted storyline. While various aspects of his appearance were altered, his height remains unchanged.

Genshin Impact’s character roster exhibits a spectrum of physical stature. This ranges from the imposing physique of five-star Pyro Claymore user Diluc to the petite frame of the Dendro character Nahida, also a five-star rarity.

Scaramouche falls into the “medium male” character model category, positioning him between the tallest and shortest characters in the game. According to estimations within the Genshin community based on character model sizes, Scaramouche stands approximately at 5’4” or 5’5”.

After years of anticipation and speculation about whether Scaramouche would join the playable roster, the Genshin Impact community’s wishes have been granted. Making his long-awaited debut as the Wanderer, Scaramouche is now featured on the “From Ashes Reborn” banner. 

Players eager to experience his distinctive Anemo abilities or curious about his height can summon him until December 27, when his banner concludes.

Following Genshin Impact’s typical schedule, Wanderer likely will return after his banner ends. Players should act soon to use their Primogems and secure the five-star Anemo Catalyst character before the opportunity passes.