How To Get Bankai Type Soul?

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Becoming a Shinigami in Roblox’s Type Soul is a significant milestone. The key lies in unlocking your Bankai—the ultimate manifestation of your Zanpakuto’s power.

As a Shinigami, you’ve accomplished much by refining your skills and advancing in the ranks of the Soul Society. However, Bankai represents the pinnacle of Shinigami power—a gateway to devastating abilities and strategic prowess.

The first step on your path to Bankai mastery is to carefully choose one of the 13 divisions that aligns with your playstyle and objectives. If you’re prepared to elevate your abilities, let’s delve into uncovering the secrets of mastering Bankai.

How To Get Bankai Type Soul?

Step 1: Choosing Your Battle

To reach Bankai, first achieve Shikai, the initial form of your weapon. Once mastered, prepare for Bankai. But first, conquer these challenges:

how to get bankai type soul

Choose based on your strengths:

  • Faction raids (13 wins needed): Dominate Soul Society and Hueco Mundo.
  • Clan wars (seven wins needed): Team up for victory.
  • Ranked one-vs-one matches (25 wins needed): Prove your PvP skills.

Step 2: Persistence and Effort

This is serious business. There are no second chances if you fail; your progress will be reset. Here are three tasks you need to tackle:

  1. Elite grips (15 required): It’s best to team up with a buddy from another faction and grind together.
  2. Bosses (Defeat either Bawabawa or Jindabo): These tough opponents appear every 1.5 hours in Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. Bring friends along; you’ll need their help.
  3. Hollow slaughter (80 kills required): Head to Soul Society and complete the mission of hunting down Hollows. Player kills count, but remember, avoiding death is crucial.

Step 3: Countdown to the Finish

After achieving victory, head to Karakura Town. Locate the first warehouse on your left. Ascend to the top floor to encounter V – known as Unequaled, Unrivaled. His dialogue varies based on your advancements.

V’s Insight

V’s Encouragement Progress Indicator
You’ll never achieve what I have. Starting out (0-19%)
A couple of wins won’t get you far. Stop bothering me. Gaining momentum (20-39%)
Why do you keep trying? You’re still not quite there. Making strides (40-59%)
You’re getting better, but I’m not impressed yet. Approaching mastery (60-79%)
You’re doing great, you know? Almost there (80-99%)
Unmatched… unparalleled. Go on, make me proud. Mastery achieved (100%)


Ensure you include his exact words, “Unmatched… unparalleled.” That’s your signal to proceed.

This aspect varies depending on your racial background.

For Arrancars using Type Soul, unlocking Bankai requires navigating Kisuke’s Resurrection Maze. Meanwhile, Quincys must endure the Vollstandig Trial to achieve the same.

As for the Soul Reapers:

  1. Track down Urahara: Enter the tunnel, turn left, and ascend the stairs.
  2. Solve the sword puzzle: Enter a mystical area filled with swords. Your mission? Arrange them in the correct sequence. Two consecutive mistakes mean starting over.
  3. Confrontation: After mastering the puzzle, meditate and face your elemental Bankai. Quick thinking and swift action are vital.
  4. Final triumph: Master your Bankai to earn the title “The Blade is Me.” Congratulations, you’ve officially unlocked your Bankai.

Bankai Types in Type Soul

After achieving victory, you’ll unlock various types of Bankai, each offering distinct strengths and strategic advantages:

how to get bankai type soul

  • Legendary: Legendary, Blood Legendary, Ice Legendary, Ink Legendary
  • Rare: Flame Rare
  • Common: Berserk Common, Confusion Common, Creation Common, Lightning Common, Shadow Common, Water Common, Wind Common

This roadmap reveals how to unleash the formidable power of Bankai in Type Soul. Happy gaming, and may your Bankai secure swift triumphs. Join us in battle, warriors!