How to Get to Snow Area Elden Ring: A Comprehensive Guide

Elden Ring, the exhilarating action role-playing game, presents a majestic world full of intricate landscapes and hidden mysteries. One such enigma is the Snow Area, formally known as the Consecrated Snowfield. This guide aims to illuminate the path for all those wondering how to get to the Snow Area Elden Ring.

What Is the Snow Area in Elden Ring?

The Consecrated Snowfield, or as many players refer to it, the “Snow Area,” is a high-level zone featuring a distinctive snowy terrain. This area is home to some of the game’s most formidable enemies and harbors rare treasures, making it a must-visit for the more adventurous players.

Accessing the Snowy Area: Step-by-Step Guide

Getting to the Snow Area in Elden Ring requires a series of specific actions. Here’s a detailed walkthrough:

Step 1: Collecting the Haligtree Medallion’s Two Parts

The journey begins with the collection of two parts of the Haligtree Secret Medallion. The first part can be found in the Albinauric Village, located in the Liurnia region to the West. To obtain it, you need to converse with a character hiding past the Fire Dust Lady.

Step 2: Heading West of Laskyar Ruins

After securing the first part of the medallion, you need to travel west from the Laskyar Ruins until you find a cave. Exploring this cave is crucial as it holds the key to your next step in reaching the Snow Area.

Step 3: Finding Latenna

Inside the cave, you will meet Latenna, a non-playable character (NPC) who will guide you to Castle Sol situated atop the Giant Mountaintop. This castle is your next destination on this journey.

Step 4: Defeating Morgott

Inside Castle Sol, your challenge is to defeat Morgott, the Keeper. After your victory over Morgott, you will receive the Grand Lift of Rold Medallion from Melina. This medallion is an essential item for reaching the Snow Area.

Step 5: Overcoming Commander Niall

Your next adversary in Castle Sol is Commander Niall. Upon his defeat, you are one step closer to your snowy destination.

Step 6: Hoisting the Haligtree Medallions at the Great Lift of Rold

Once you’ve collected both parts of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and defeated Commander Niall, head to the Great Lift of Rold. Here, you will find an option to hoist the Haligtree Medallions instead of the regular medallion. This action will lead you to the Snow Area, the Consecrated Snowfield.

Navigating the Consecrated Snowfield

Upon entering the Consecrated Snowfield, you will encounter a unique terrain filled with various NPCs, creatures, and bosses, each offering its own challenges and rewards. Here are some tips to help you navigate this treacherous landscape:

Tip 1: Sites of Grace and Sub-Locations

The Snowfield has multiple Sites of Grace scattered throughout. These are crucial for saving your progress and refilling your HP and FP. Additionally, the Snowfield contains various sub-locations, each offering unique encounters and rewards.

Tip 2: Snowfield Map and Map Fragments

A map of the Snowfield, along with its fragments, can be invaluable in navigating this vast snowy expanse. Be sure to collect these as you journey across the Snowfield.

Tip 3: Dungeons, Points of Interest, and Secrets

The Snowfield hides many secrets, with numerous dungeons and points of interest. Investigate thoroughly and always be on the lookout for anything unusual.

Tip 4: NPCs and Merchants

Several NPCs and merchants inhabit the Snowfield. Interacting with them can lead to new quests, valuable information, and crucial items.

Tip 5: Enemies and Bosses

The Consecrated Snowfield is home to some of Elden Ring’s most formidable enemies and bosses. Prepare accordingly, and don’t underestimate the challenge they pose.

Tip 6: Equipment and Items

The Snowfield holds a plethora of valuable items and equipment. Be sure to explore every nook and cranny, and keep your inventory well-stocked.


Reaching the Snow Area in Elden Ring is an adventure in itself, filled with challenges, encounters, and valuable rewards. We hope this comprehensive guide on how to get to the Snow Area Elden Ring has armed you with the knowledge needed to embark on this epic journey. Always remember, patience and perseverance are your greatest allies in the world of Elden Ring.

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