How To Save Karlach In BG3? 

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How To Save Karlach In BG3

Karlach encounters a dangerous situation, and her fate is uncertain. So, can you save Karlach in BG3? Sadly, there’s no positive outcome awaiting her in the game Baldur’s Gate 3, aka BG3. The path she follows depends on your decisions, which determine how her story ends.

This guide looks at the various paths her journey can follow, showing what happens based on the choices you make. Every decision you make affects Karlach deeply, influencing what happens to her next.

Is It Possible to Rescue Karlach in BG 3?

Karlach’s sad destiny is a key storyline. She faces a dire situation with her infernal device, which threatens to overpower her if she doesn’t get a cure or reasons to accept its power. Players will witness varied outcomes based on their choices. 

Your gameplay will unveil a range of possibilities. Currently, there isn’t a guaranteed method to completely rescue Karlach. However, there are alternative approaches and interesting developments that provide glimpses of hope.

How To Save Karlach BG3’s Future?

Karlach is a tiefling with an infernal device implanted inside her chest, and what happens to her depends on your decisions. Here’s a look at the different directions her story can take and how to shape them.

What Is The Infernal Device

At the heart of Karlach’s struggle lies the infernal device merged into her body. While it grants her power, it’s also slowly consuming her from the inside. Your task is to find out how to repair or manage the device to prevent its destructive effects.

You need the Infernal Iron, a special material to repair the infernal device. You can also seek Dammon, a Blacksmith. Dammon is a skilled artisan capable of handling infernal iron and fixing the engine. While this shall stabilize her temporarily, it’s not a permanent solution.

Key Choices Ahead

Even after the immediate danger passes, Karlach’s long-term survival remains uncertain. Her future depends on several critical decisions:

  • One option is to send Karlach back to Avernus, where the infernal device originated. While this keeps her alive, it forces her to reside in a place she loathes. You can choose to accompany her with a trusted companion for moral support.
  • Alternatively, if your character is infected with the tadpole, there’s a risky possibility to infect Karlach as well. This links her fate with the illithids, potentially changing her destiny. However, this path is risky and could lead to unforeseen consequences.
  • Lastly, there’s a small chance of finding a permanent cure. Yet, obtaining it would likely involve embarking on a challenging and lengthy quest, with no certainty of success.

Regrettably, Karlach’s story doesn’t promise a simple, joyful conclusion. Each choice comes with its own challenges and ethical considerations. It’s up to you to decide which path reflects your character’s values and what you feel is right for Karlach.

During the game, you can pursue a quest to locate Infernal Iron, delaying the detonation of the Infernal Engine within Karlach. This grants additional time to investigate further and potentially uncover a lasting remedy, though it doesn’t offer a cure outright.

Another possibility involves Wyll’s pact with Karlach, which intertwines their destinies. Depending on your choices, Wyll might sacrifice himself to save Karlach, although this choice carries a significant price.

Alternatively, if Wyll assumes the role of the Blade of Avernus, he might acquire the ability to transport Karlach to Avernus, where she could potentially find a remedy or a new life. This path is still unfolding, with uncertain outcomes.

There have been reports from players about unintended glitches that allow Karlach to be revived after her explosion. However, these methods are unreliable and might be corrected in future updates, providing only a temporary fix rather than a guaranteed resolution.

Balancing Choices and Outcomes

Player decisions are intricately tied to game consequences. Rescuing Karlach isn’t simple; it demands careful thought and the evaluation of each path’s advantages and disadvantages. This dynamic makes the game immersive, with every decision shaping unique results.

How To Save Karlach In BG3

Diverse Karlach Endings

Karlach’s story can conclude in various ways, shaped by the player choices. For example, if Wyll assumes the role of the “Blade of Avernus,” Wyll has the ability to transport Karlach to Avernus thus saving her. This outcome underscores how character narratives intertwine in BG3.

Return to Avernus

After temporarily repairing the infernal iron, Karlach has the option of returning to Avernus under specific conditions: fostering a romantic bond with Karlach which develops as a result, and Wyll taking on the “Blade of Avernus,” fulfilling his oath.


If Karlach isn’t loved or if Wyll doesn’t reaffirm his commitment, she meets a fiery demise.

Quiet End 

Once Karlach’s call for help is ignored, her journey ends unfulfilled, quietly passing away.

Transforming into Mind Flayer 

A surprising twist occurs when Karlach transforms into Mind Flayer. The change happens after she sacrifices herself to wield Orpheus’ power during the pivotal confrontation. Regardless of the drastic transformation, this grants Karlach independence, along with unique Illithids abilities.

Dark Urges and Karlach’s Fate

Amid these shadowy outcomes, players with The Dark Urge shape Karlach’s future. It is linked closely with the possibility of her becoming an Illithid:

  • Dethroning Illithid Rule: If she moves towards overthrowing the Absolute, a betrayal can lead to her downfall.
  • Tadpole’s Influence on Karlach: Karlach might succumb to the player’s influence, relinquishing her independence to serve a new Absolute.