Does Dark and Darker support Cross-platform ?

Is Dark And Darker Cross Platform

Ironmace’s dungeon-crawling game, Dark and Darker, has been in early access for a while. Fans are curious if it will support crossplay, especially since it has online PvE and PvP modes. They want to play with friends on different platforms.

Even before its launch, many players anticipated Dark and Darker. Its mechanics, similar to Escape from Tarkov but in a fantasy world, drew attention. Adding crossplay would boost its popularity even more.

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Is Dark and Darker Cross Platform?

No, at the moment, Dark and Darker does not support crossplay.

Ironmace, an indie studio with limited resources, developed the game. Currently, Dark and Darker is only available for Windows. This might be unexpected for some, but it’s common for mid-budget games in early access to start with limited platforms.

There’s some positive news too. In 2022, the developer announced they were developing a console version of the game. However, there’s no release date yet, so there’s no official word on crossplay.

Does Dark and Darker support Cross-platform ?

Is cross-progression planned for Dark and Darker?

Similarly to crossplay, there are currently no details about cross-progression in Dark and Darker. However, considering their significance in online multiplayer games, it’s probable they’ll add it later on.

Dark and Darker is expected to leave early access in approximately a year. During this time, developers are likely to address various aspects, such as cross-progression and crossplay.

Currently, Dark and Darker isn’t available for purchase on Steam due to copyright problems. While Ironmace works to fix this, you can download it from their official website or their partner Chaf Games. 

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What Do We Think?

I’ve been following Dark and Darker closely. It’s been in early access for a while, and fans are eager for crossplay. The game’s unique mechanics, reminiscent of Escape from Tarkov, have garnered attention. 

Adding crossplay could make it even more popular. I’m also intrigued by the possibility of a console version. While there’s no release date yet, it’s exciting to see the game expand. Overall, Dark and Darker has a lot of potential.