Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-platform? 

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Deep Rock Galactic on PS4 does not support crossplay.
Deep Rock Galactic on PS5 does not support crossplay.
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  • PC
  • Xbox One
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  • Xbox Series S/X
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Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-platform

Deep Rock Galactic is essential for online FPS fun, but does it support crossplay? Here’s everything you need to know about teaming up with friends across different platforms.

When Deep Rock Galactic debuted in 2020, Ghost Ship Games introduced an engaging multiplayer adventure that continues to attract new players. 

In this dynamic FPS, participants embody Dwarf miners tasked with navigating procedurally generated caves to extract vital resources and confront hordes of alien creatures.

While you can venture solo with the assistance of a robotic companion named Bosco, Deep Rock Galactic truly shines as a multiplayer endeavor, where teams of four undertake cave expeditions, each assuming a unique role.

Deep Rock Galactic’s availability on PC (via Steam and Microsoft Store) and consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) begs the question: can you team up with friends regardless of their platform? This guide will delve into the specifics of cross-play functionality within Deep Rock Galactic.

Is Deep Rock Galactic cross-platform?

Yes, Deep Rock Galactic offers cross-platform play, but its availability varies depending on the platform you’re using.

As of now, crossplay is supported for Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, and PC via Windows. Players on these platforms can enjoy cross-platform features and play with their friends seamlessly.

However, crossplay is not currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. While there’s a possibility that crossplay may be introduced for these platforms in the future, the developers have not provided any specific timeline for this update.

We’ll keep this page updated with any official announcements regarding cross-platform play for PS4, PS5, and Steam.

Is cross-progression available in Deep Rock Galactic?

Indeed, Deep Rock Galactic supports cross-progression, allowing players to seamlessly transfer their progress across different platforms. This feature ensures that all advancements and achievements are preserved regardless of the device you’re playing on.

Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-platform

Deep Rock Galactic Gameplay

Deep Rock Galactic, developed by Ghost Ship Games, is a thrilling cooperative first-person shooter set in space. Launched in 2020, it quickly gained popularity for its unique blend of action-packed gameplay and strategic cooperation. 

Players take on the roles of dwarven space miners employed by the Deep Rock Galactic company, tasked with exploring procedurally generated caves, extracting valuable resources, and fending off hordes of hostile alien creatures.

The game offers a diverse range of missions, each with its own set of challenges and objectives, ensuring that no two expeditions are alike. 

With a variety of character classes to choose from, including Gunner, Driller, Scout, and Engineer, players must work together to overcome obstacles and complete their missions successfully.

Deep Rock Galactic’s dynamic gameplay, stunning visuals, and immersive atmosphere have captivated players worldwide, making it a must-play title for fans of cooperative shooters and sci-fi adventures. 

Its robust community, regular updates, and support for cross-platform play ensure that the excitement of mining and battling in the depths of space continues to captivate players for years to come.