Is The Division 2 Crossplay?

By Alex╺

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is division 2 crossplatform

The Division 2 is still popular among players even after four years since its release on PC and older consoles. Updates have kept the game fresh, and it remains a favorite in 2023.

But players often wonder about certain features in the game, like crossplay and cross-platform play. 

Crossplay lets you play with people using different systems, and cross-platform play allows you to continue your progress on another system.

is division 2 crossplatform (2)

Does Division 2 support crossplay?

Unfortunately, no. As of now, there’s no crossplay available. Earlier, PC players could play with those on Google Stadia, but since Google Stadia closed down, crossplay vanished completely.

If you’re on PlayStation 4 and want to play with a friend on Xbox One or PC, you can’t. The same is true for PC players; you can’t add or join friends on different systems.

It’s disappointing for most of the Division community, but maybe Ubisoft can add this feature later.

For now, you’re limited to playing with and against players on the same system.