Is Helldivers 2 Crossplatform? How to Team Up on PC and PS5

By Alex╺

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Is Helldivers 2 Cross platform

Helldivers 2 crossplay is automatic, but you still need to add your friends from PC and PS5 to invite them.

Fortunately, sending and receiving friend requests and squad invites in Helldivers 2 is simple. You can do everything from the game’s Social menu.

With experience in setting up and using various cross-platform multiplayer systems,

I find this one to be one of the easiest. Here’s how to set up crossplay in Helldivers 2.

First, open the Social menu from the main screen. From there, navigate to the ‘Friends’ tab to find and add friends using their in-game IDs. Once your friends accept the request, you can easily invite them to your squad. 

Look for the invite option next to their name and send the invite. They will receive a notification and can join your game instantly. 

This system ensures a smooth and quick setup for a seamless multiplayer experience. Enjoy playing Helldivers 2 with your friends across different platforms.

Is Helldivers 2 Cross platform

How to Enable Crossplay and Connect with Friends in Helldivers 2

As mentioned, crossplay is automatically enabled for all Helldivers 2 players, allowing you to match with PS5 and PC players, regardless of your platform.

To turn it off, open the Options menu, go to the ‘Gameplay’ tab, and toggle Crossplay off. You can also adjust your Matchmaking Privacy to play Helldivers 2 solo.

To invite cross-platform friends to your Helldivers 2 squad, add them to your in-game friends list through the Social menu, which you can quickly access by pressing R3 on PS5. Look for the ‘Friend Code’ option at the bottom for crossplay.

Additionally, ensure your friends have also enabled crossplay on their end. Communication is key, so use in-game voice chat or another communication method to coordinate with your friends. 

Remember, teamwork is crucial in Helldivers 2, so make sure everyone knows their role and objectives. Enjoy the game and the seamless experience of playing with friends across different platforms.

  • Press the ‘Generate’ to create an 8-digit code to share with your friends..
  • Friends enter that code in the ‘Search’ option at the top of the social menu.
  • They send you a friend request.
  • Accept the friend request.
  • Your friend will appear in the social options.
  • Click their name to invite them to your game or join their squad.

It’s that simple. So far, it has worked perfectly for me, except for some voice chat issues, which I think are due to my PC.