Is NHL 23 Crossplay or Cross Platform? [2023 Guide]

In recent years, the demand for cross-platform gaming has surged, with players wishing to connect with friends across different platforms.

NHL 23, the latest installment in the NHL gaming series, has met this demand by enabling cross-platform multiplayer capabilities. This move has not only pleased fans but also revolutionized multiplayer modes in sports gaming.

NHL 23 Crossplay

Is NHL 23 Cross Platform?

Yes, NHL 23 boasts cross-platform multiplayer functionality. This means players on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC can face off in the digital rink regardless of their gaming device. This allows for a more inclusive gaming community where friends can play together without platform limitations.

Crossplay NHL 23 Release Date

The crossplay feature was available upon the game’s release, making it a highly anticipated edition for the NHL gaming community. Launched globally in 2023, the crossplay functionality was highlighted as a key feature, enticing both new and veteran players to the series.

NHL 23 Release Date

Crossplay NHL 23 between PC and PS4/PS5

Players using PC can effortlessly connect and compete with their counterparts on both PS4 and PS5, bridging the gap between console and computer gamers and creating more diverse matchups.

Crossplay NHL 23 between PC and Xbox One

Similarly, PC players can also go head-to-head with those on Xbox One. This compatibility further emphasizes the game’s inclusiveness and broad appeal.

Crossplay NHL 23 between PC and Xbox One

Crossplay NHL 23 between Xbox One and PS4/PS5

This is perhaps one of the most significant achievements for the NHL series, allowing direct competition between Xbox One and PS4/PS5 users, breaking down the traditional barriers between these platforms.

Crossplay NHL 23 between Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S

Users within the Xbox family can easily compete against each other, ensuring that both older and newer Xbox console users have a consistent gaming experience.

NHL 23 between Xbox One And Xbox Series

Crossplay NHL 23 between PS4 and PS5

With backward compatibility in mind, PS4 players can effortlessly connect with PS5 players, offering a fluid gaming experience for the PlayStation community.

How To Play NHL 23 On Split Screen?

For those preferring local gameplay, NHL 23 still offers the split-screen mode. This mode allows two players to play on the same device, making it perfect for friendly matches at home. To activate split-screen mode, navigate to the game’s main menu, select ‘Local Play’, and follow the on-screen prompts.

Play NHL 23 On Split Screen

Is NHL 23 Cross-Progression?

Indeed, NHL 23 introduces cross-progression, a feature allowing players to maintain their game stats, unlocks, and achievements regardless of the platform.

Whether switching from Xbox to PlayStation or from an older console to a newer one, your progress remains intact, ensuring a continuous gaming experience.

Is NHL 23 Cross-Generation?

NHL 23 not only allows for cross-platform play but also cross-generation play.

This feature ensures that players on older consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One can compete effectively against those on newer systems like the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S without any performance disadvantages.

NHL 23 Cross-Generation


NHL 23 stands as a testament to the evolution of gaming. With comprehensive cross-platform and cross-generation features, players are provided with a unified, inclusive, and engaging multiplayer experience. This approach guarantees that NHL 23 remains a beloved title for years to come.


Q: Can I play NHL 23 with friends on different platforms?

Absolutely! NHL 23 supports cross-platform play, allowing you to compete with friends regardless of their gaming platform.

Q: Is there any performance difference between playing on older vs. newer consoles?

While newer consoles might have better graphics, NHL 23 ensures gameplay balance, so there’s no significant performance advantage based on the console.

Q: Does NHL 23 support cross-progression on all platforms?

Yes, NHL 23 supports cross-progression on all its compatible platforms, ensuring you retain your game progress wherever you play.

Q: Is the split-screen mode exclusive to any platform?

No, the split-screen mode is available across all platforms, offering local co-op play to everyone.

Q: How many players can play in split-screen mode?

In NHL 23, two players can compete in the split-screen mode on a single device.

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