Is NHL 23 Crossplay?

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Is NHL 23 Cross Platform

Since its release, NHL 23 has sparked numerous questions among fans. A big one on everyone’s mind: will NHL 23 support cross-platform gaming? Let’s explore this burning question and discover what awaits the eager fans of the EA Sports hockey series.

Is NHL 23 Cross Platform?

Indeed, NHL 23 introduces cross-platform compatibility for the first time in franchise history. However, there’s a catch. The cross-platform matchmaking in the game enables players on same-generation consoles from PlayStation and Xbox to compete against each other.

This means PS4 and Xbox One users can engage in matches together, while Xbox Series X|S gamers can connect with PS5 players. 

Although this feature allows players to face off in online modes, inviting friends or others from opposing consoles to join their game mode for squad play isn’t possible.

EA has suggested that they’re working towards incorporating more crossplay features into upcoming NHL titles. Cross-platform matchmaking didn’t come all at once on October 14th.

Instead, NHL 23 introduced its new cross-platform matchmaking features gradually through a four-phase process, starting last week.

Phase 1 kicked off on November 17th, unveiling the ‘HUT Rush’ and ‘Ones Eliminator’ crossplay modes. Then, Phase 2 added the ‘6v6 EASHL’ and the ‘3v3 Drop-In.’

Phase 3, on November 23rd, brought forth ‘HUT Champs’ and ‘Threes Eliminator’. Finally, Phase 4, scheduled for Monday, November 28th, will introduce ‘HUT Rivals’.

Leaderboards remain separate between consoles, and the Hockey Ultimate Team auction house stays isolated across platforms.

With larger matchmaking pools in both HUT and WC, the wait times for finding opponents will decrease significantly, which is a major improvement for the NHL 23 community.

Is NHL 23 Cross Platform

Who You Can Challenge? 

Here’s the breakdown:

  • PS4 players can play with or against PS4 and Xbox One users.
  • PS5 players have the option to play with or against PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players.
  • Xbox One users can engage in matches with or against Xbox One and PS4 players.
  • Xbox Series X|S players have the choice to play with or against Xbox Series X|S and PS5 players.

EA Sports has recognized the difficulties of putting all players on one shared server for NHL 23. Before, users were split onto separate servers. But EA Sports has said they’ve worked on fixing desynchronization between the two console platforms.

Different Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) Marketplaces for PS, Xbox and Windows

The HUT in the NHL game series, allows players build their dream team by gathering player cards. The NHL 23 HUT marketplace—where gamers trade items—is separate for PS and Xbox.

If you’re gaming on PS5, you cannot trade with gamers on any Xbox console. This HUT marketplace separation limits players from playing across different platforms.