Is Rocket League Crossplay or Cross-Platform? [2023 Guide]

As the gaming world expands and platforms proliferate, players are more eager than ever to engage with friends regardless of hardware choices. Rocket League, being at the forefront of modern gaming, has led the charge in crossplay.

Rocket League

Is Rocket League Cross Platform?

Rocket League offers cross-platform play between PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. This means players from these platforms can compete against or team up with each other regardless of the hardware they use.

Crossplay Rocket League Release Date

Rocket League introduced cross-play functionality quite early in its lifecycle, recognizing the demand and potential it offers to players globally.

The exact release date is essential for historical context, showcasing the game’s forward-thinking approach.

Crossplay Rocket League Release Date

Crossplay Rocket League between PC and PS4/PS5

Engaging in crossplay between PC and PlayStation devices is straightforward. Players need to link their Epic Games account with their platform accounts. This integration ensures a seamless gameplay experience across these platforms.

Crossplay Rocket League between PC and Xbox One

Like PlayStation, the Epic Games account linkage facilitates PC and Xbox One crossplay. This feature bridges the gap between PC gamers and Xbox enthusiasts, allowing them to enjoy matches together.

Crossplay Rocket League between PC and Xbox One

Crossplay Rocket League between Xbox One and PS4/PS5

Historically, crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation was a challenging feat. However, Rocket League has managed to break this barrier, allowing players from these two rival platforms to engage in thrilling car soccer matches.

Crossplay Rocket League between Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S

Within the Xbox family, crossplay is seamlessly integrated. Whether on Xbox One or the newer Series X/S, you can effortlessly play Rocket League with your friends on either console.

Crossplay Rocket League between Xbox One And Xbox Series XS

Crossplay Rocket League between PS4 and PS5

The transition from PS4 to PS5 is smooth in terms of cross-play. Rocket League ensures that players from these PlayStation generations can enjoy the game together without hiccups.

How To Play Rocket League On Split Screen?

Split screen functionality in Rocket League allows multiple players on the same console to play simultaneously. To activate it, connect additional controllers, and follow the on-screen instructions to join the game. It’s a great way to enjoy local multiplayer action.

Rocket League On Split Screen

Is Rocket League Cross-Progression?

Absolutely! Rocket League supports cross-progression between PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. This cross-progression ensures that your achievements, items, and ranks are consistent across different platforms, making it an actual multi-platform experience.

Is Rocket League Cross-Generation?

Rocket League’s vision extends beyond just crossplay. It also embraces cross-generation gameplay, meaning gamers from previous generation consoles can seamlessly play with those on the latest generation devices.

Rocket League Cross-Generation


Rocket League’s commitment to crossplay, cross-progression, and cross-generation gameplay sets it apart in the gaming industry.

Bridging gaps between different platforms and console generations offers its vast player base a unified and comprehensive gaming experience.


Is Rocket League cross-platform?

Rocket League enables cross-platform play across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

How do I play Rocket League cross-platform?

Ensure your Epic Games account is linked to your gaming platform. Then, you can easily engage in cross-platform matches.

Is Rocket League cross-progression?

Absolutely! Rocket League supports cross-progression across all its available platforms.

Is Rocket League’s split-screen feature available on all platforms?

You can enjoy split screens on all significant platforms where Rocket League is available.

Can I transfer my Rocket League items between different platforms?

Thanks to cross-progression, most items in Rocket League can be shared across platforms, though certain platform-exclusive items might be exceptions.

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