Is Tom Clancy’s Division 2 Cross Platform? Can You Play with Friends on Different Platforms?

Is Tom Clancys Division 2 Cross Platform

The Division 2, the popular online action RPG, has been a go-to game for many players looking for a cooperative multiplayer experience. However, one question that often arises is whether The Division 2 supports crossplay, allowing players on different gaming platforms to play together.

Understanding The Division 2 Crossplay Limitations

Despite the growing demand for cross-platform play, The Division 2 currently does not offer crossplay between different gaming systems. This means that players on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC cannot join forces and play together in the same game session.

The lack of crossplay functionality can be disappointing for players who have friends on other platforms and want to team up with them in The Division 2.

The Division 2 Cross-Platform Support: A Closer Look

While The Division 2 doesn’t support crossplay between consoles, it did briefly offer cross-platform play between PC and Google Stadia. However, with the shutdown of Stadia, this option is no longer available.

On a positive note, The Division 2 does provide cross-progression support between different PC launchers. Players who own the game on Steam, Epic Games, or Amazon Luna can carry over their progress and characters between these platforms.

To take advantage of cross-progression, players must have a copy of the game on each platform they wish to play on. This allows them to seamlessly continue their journey across different PC launchers without losing their hard-earned progress.

The Future of Crossplay in The Division 2

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, many players hope that Ubisoft, the developer of The Division 2, will consider implementing crossplay in future updates.

The addition of cross-platform play would greatly enhance the multiplayer experience, making it easier for friends to connect and play together regardless of their preferred gaming platform.

However, as of now, Ubisoft has not made any official announcements regarding plans to introduce crossplay to The Division 2. While it remains a highly requested feature, players will have to wait and see if the developers decide to prioritize its implementation in the future.

Is Tom Clancy's Division 2 Cross Platform? Can You Play with Friends on Different Platforms?

Enjoying The Division 2 with Friends

Despite the absence of crossplay, The Division 2 still offers a thrilling multiplayer experience for players who have friends on the same gaming platform.

Whether you’re teaming up to tackle challenging missions, explore the post-apocalyptic world of Washington D.C., or engage in intense PvP battles, The Division 2 provides ample opportunities for cooperative play.

To make the most of your time in Division 2, consider joining or creating a clan with like-minded players on your platform. Clans allow you to connect with a dedicated group of agents, participate in clan-specific activities, and earn exclusive rewards.

Additionally, the game’s matchmaking system makes it easy to find other players to group up with, even if you don’t have a pre-existing squad.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with a difficult mission or simply want to explore the game’s content with others, matchmaking can help you find compatible teammates quickly.


While The Division 2 currently lacks crossplay support between different gaming platforms, it still provides an engaging multiplayer experience for players on the same system. The cross-progression feature between PC launchers is a welcome addition, allowing players to maintain their progress across different platforms.

As the demand for cross-platform play continues to grow, fans of The Division 2 remain hopeful that Ubisoft will consider implementing crossplay in the future.

Until then, players can continue to enjoy the game’s cooperative multiplayer with friends on their preferred platform, building their agent’s skills, and fighting to take back control of a ravaged Washington D.C.