Is warframe cross platform? Cross-Play and Cross-Save Updates In 2024

In 2022, Warframe got a big update for cross-play. Fans wondered about the new cross-save feature. The developers have now included cross-save in Warframe. But, how does it work? Are there any limits? Here’s what you should know.

Warframe started as a game about space ninjas fighting enemies in small spaces. But Digital Extremes keeps changing it by adding new places, Warframes, and game features like space battles and big open areas.

Fans always wanted cross-play and cross-save. The good news: they’re here in Warframe. All the details are from Digital Extremes.

Is warframe cross platform?

By May 2024, Warframe has added cross-play. Digital Extremes tested it on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch before releasing it.

How to activate cross-play

To enable or disable cross-play in Warframe, go to the Options menu and find the toggle at the bottom of the page.

is warframe cross platform

How to connect with friends

You can team up with friends through Squad matchmaking. This lets you join or invite them just like you would on the same platform.

You can hang out in Relays or go to Dojos. But the developers mentioned a problem with going to Dojos in a group from different platforms. You can avoid this by inviting players after you’re already in the Dojo.

Understanding how Warframe’s cross-saving feature works

Warframe’s cross-save gives you two options to unite your accounts:

  • Linking: If you have one main account, you can choose it as your main one. This means its progress, items, and most buys can be used on any linked platform like Switch, PC, or Xbox. Remember, once you link, it’s forever.
  • Merging: Combine several eligible accounts into one strong account. The main one you pick keeps its progress, while stuff from other accounts, like resources or looks, get added. You can only merge accounts made before November 24th, 2023.

Warframe’s Cross Save lets you keep your game progress, items, and money on one account for different platforms. It makes sure your game stays the same no matter what platform you use.

is warframe cross platform

Linking your Warframe accounts

  • You need a PC Warframe account to start linking or merging accounts.
  • First, link or merge one account at a time to your PC account. This makes it a Cross Platform Save Account. Then, link or merge more platforms to this Cross Platform Save Account, one at a time, until you connect all the accounts you want.
  • You must have a PC account to create a Cross Platform Save Account. But you don’t have to download or play Warframe on a PC to use your Cross Platform Save Account.

Warframe’s Cross-Save Limitations 

  • Platinum and Regal Aya bought on Nintendo Switch can’t be used on other platforms.
  • TennoGen Customizations depend on where they’re bought. Check the guidelines to see how Cross Platform Save affects them.
  • Platform-Exclusive Skins like Opal on Switch and Amethyst from Discord don’t move to PlayStation during the One-Time Account Merge. Some PC exclusives like Phased and Rubedo Skins won’t be on PlayStation. PlayStation-exclusive Obsidian Skins won’t work on other platforms.
  • On PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, players have a shared wallet. Platinum and Regal Aya bought on these platforms work on all of them.